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Reference: CF75001X14E10


Reglette lamp 574mm long with T5 1X14W, with fluorescent tube very compact, thanks to the integrated power supply and the junction system in continuous rows. This fluorescent tube device diffuses the light beam in all directions. The lamp is for installations under a veil or indirect light in plasterboard, creating a diffused and continuous light beam.

Price $20.53
Shipped in 7-21 days

Reference: DZ91212X55E10.0013


Recessed luminaire for lay-on installation on false ceilings with 600x600mm panels with visible structure. Soft direct light emission. Complete with 2 x 32W LED bulb with 2g11 socket. for a total of 5000 lumens in neutral light.

Price $82.16
Shipped in 1-2 days


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