Zero Track, Minimal Track

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A line, the extreme geometric simplification, combined with the most innovative lighting technologies.

Zero Track collection by Flos is this, the modular track lighting system more minimal than ever, in which the ceiling mounting surface and the size of its components are reduced to minimum, obtaining a product characterized by pure design and high performance.

Reaching the maximum level of miniaturization, Zero Track, made of extruded aluminum and available in different colors (black, white, brown, bronze and chrome) almost disappears merging with the architecture, in a perfect structural integration. And you will hardly notice him, except to marvel looking at a such simply innovative design.

Extremely thin, this extraordinary "zero" impact track can be equipped with a variety of spotlights able to satisfy every desire, ideal both for accent lighting, to respond to specific needs, and for general environmental lighting, with a more diffused and continuous lighting effect. The track's length and the control gear's position can be adapted to meet every functional and aesthetic requirement.

It's with the light of Find Me spotlights, designed by Jorge Herrera, that Zero Track best expresses the flexibility that characterizes its modular system. The innovative design of Find Me, with integrated dimmable LED source and available in two different sizes, wants to reach the maximum integration due to the extreme miniaturization of electrical and mechanical devices hidden into the projector head.

From the exquisite design touch of Piero Lissoni come Atom, a collection of fixtures available in different sizes and variants: spotlights, perfect for accent lighting, and round or rectangular shape luminaires for a general diffused lighting. Even the Atom collection, which can be perfectly integrated into the Zero Track modular system, provides the highest comfort level thanks to the deep position of the optic and the screening accessories included with each spot, with visual and aesthetic performance never seen before.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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