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WeChat Pay, the most popular digital payment platform in China that will now allow Chinese consumers to make purchases in Italy quickly and easily, has just arrived in our Country.

Italy is opening up to the Chinese market through the innovative payment system via app that allows physical stores and online e-commerce to accept payments from China. A great achievement in terms of smart economy, which can revolutionize traditional payment methods, opening up to the vast oriental marketplace with considerable increases in our own business.

How does WeChat Pay work?
Already widespread in China as an alternative payment method that sees millions of transactions per hour made by Chinese consumers, WeChat Pay is the payment service associated with WeChat, born as an instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp, but which can be used for shopping online in a simple and accessible way, making payment transactions faster for both the seller and the customer.

The consumer, having a WeChat account associated to a Chinese bank account, has to choose the product he wants to buy and select WeChat Pay as payment method. A QR code will be generated automatically, the customer scans it with his smartphone and confirm the payment by entering his PIN. That's all!
During the transaction, the consumer pays in Chinese currency and the seller directly receives the equivalent in euros.

WeChat Pay represents the innovation of a much more accessible online shopping and at the same time an additional way to enhance and spread Made in Italy products in the world.

Diffusione Luce follows the opening trend to the thriving eastern market and soon also on the online shop, www.diffusioneshop.com, payments in Chinese currency (CNY) YUAN will be accepted and the WeChat Pay payment method will be available

Written by Sara Sabia

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