Reading lights: which ones to choose

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Reading lights are a must-have in any bedroom because they do not only allow you to read without disturbing your partner's sleep, but they also create a relaxing atmosphere for falling asleep.

But which lamp to choose? Here are some common options and why they might be right for you.

Wall lamps

Wall lamps are a great choice if you don't have much bedside space. They are also perfect if you want to avoid the clutter of cables that are often present with other types of lamps. In addition to this, a well-placed wall lamp can create soft and relaxing lighting, perfect for reading or finding some peace at the end of the day.

Another advantage of this lighting model is that the light is adjustable, so you can direct it where you need it.

Table lamps

Table lamps, on the other hand, are the traditional choice for reading light. Precisely for this reason they are available in different sizes, styles and colors, so you will only choose the one that best suits your personal taste and the decoration of your bedroom. These lamps then offer soft lighting but at the same time they are suitable for not tiring the eyes.

Floor lamps 

Floor lamps are a perfect choice if you like reading in bed in a sitting position. However, being bulkier than other types of lamps, you must have the right space near the headboard to position them. The positive aspect of this lamp is that it not only gives you the right lighting for reading, but also allows diffused lighting throughout the room.

LED lights

LED lights are available in different light intensities, which means you can choose the right light for your needs. In addition to this, they consume less energy than other types of lamps, thus allowing you to save on your electricity bill. With LED lights you can therefore have excellent lighting for reading, choose between different models, pollute little and save on bills.

Lamps with flexible arm

Swing arm lamps are perfect if you need an adjustable light because they feature a swing arm that allows you to adjust the angle and height of the light. This way, you can place the light exactly where you need it to read in comfort. 

Lamps with USB door

One of the latest news in terms of reading lights is the presence of a USB door for recharging the phone or other devices. This type of lighting is particularly useful for those who like to read before bed, but who also need to keep their phone near the bed. With this lamp, in fact, it is possible to charge the telephone without having to use other sockets or cables, making the reading experience much more comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore, many of these reading lights also have a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the light, in order to adapt to the needs of each individual.

Induction lamps 

The induction reading light, on the other hand, is a real revolution in the field. These lamps don't require any cords or plugs to work, but instead use induction technology to charge your phone. Just place the phone on the base of the lamp and it recharges automatically, without the need for cables or additional sockets.

The induction reading light is therefore particularly useful for those who need quality lighting but also want to reduce the clutter of cables and sockets around the bed. Furthermore, the induction technology makes this lamp very safe, as there are no wires or sockets in contact with water or other substances which could cause short circuits or safety problems.

So as you have seen, when it's the moment to choose a reading lamp for your bedroom, there are many options to choose from. It will all depend on your personal needs and the style of your bedroom.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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