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Design, elegance and research are all characteristics of the new VP Globe suspension lamp by Verner Panton and produced by Verpan.

From a person of great inspiration like Verner, could only be born a unique lamp of its kind. VP Globe is indeed a unique example of Panton's skills as a lamp designer.

The colors chosen, as well as the shapes and function of the light in the setting, make VP Globe a lamp not to be missed if you are looking for an extravagant and out of the ordinary element.

Panton's ambition with this project was indeed to design a lamp that could grab attention and unite a room, whether it was hung alone or in groups. In this way VP Globe lends itself perfectly to multiple contests, above a dining table, in a corridor or as a sculptural element in a corner.

It is a decidedly retro style that still today conquers design lovers from all over the world, offering a very original play of colors and reflections.

VP Globe specifics

More specifically, this suspension lamp is characterized by an external sphere, a sort of dome, in transparent crystalline acrylic. This sphere then creates a magical bubble around the five internal reflectors, suspended and linked together by three steel chains.

Inside the lamp there are then two small domes, colored in blue and red, that are located at the ends of the globe and appear double thanks to their reflection, visible on the large chromatic domes. An amazing play of light.

These red and blue details then add the final touch to VP Globe's sculptural and futuristic design, making it an unmissable lighting and furnishing element.

To make this lamp suitable for any context and setting, Verner makes VP Globe available in two sizes.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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