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The lamps of the VL studio family are designed by Louis Poulsen, a danish company founded in 1874. His goal is not only to design lamps, but to give shape to light, creating an atmosphere that instills well-being, at home and outside. In fact for Louis Poulsen is essential that the lamps adapt itself to the setting, in order to create a warm space.

A perfect example of this research are the VL studio lamps.
But let's take a step back to find out how they have been designed.
In the late 1930s and early 1940s, the danish designer and architect Vilhelm Lauritzen created the VL Design lamps in collaboration with Louis Poulsen, for the danish radio building "Radiohuset" in Copenhagen.
For this project, Lauritzen created the Studio lamp, the VL 38 table lamp (VL38), the Radiohus pendant (VL45) and the VL Ring Crown lamps.
And then in 2022 Louis Poulsen launched the VL Studio table/floor and wall lamps, which are visually close to the original VL series of the designer Vilhelm Lauritzen, in order to perfectly complement the series.

The table/floor VL studio lamp 

The VL studio table/floor lamp is made both in polished brass, lightly brushed with white opal glass that goes perfectly with warm and suffused setting and in matt black, for a more graphic and clean expression.

It is also available in three sizes, and can be placed either on the ground, ideal for large spaces or placed on a table. In fact, it can be placed in a shops, in a restaurant corners, in an hotel rooms and thanks to its versatility, it will be able to enhance any setting satisfying any need. It adds a modern touch and a warm atmosphere to any interior, with its simple, elegant and refined materials.

The VL studio wall lamp

The VL Studio wall lamp consists of a lampshade that can be tilted 90 degrees to each side, allowing for a glare-free light distribution. The three-layer opal glass then ensures a pleasant and uniform illumination of the area around the lamp. These features make it perfect for different setting, making it versatile and practical.

It is also available with a matte black finish for a more graphic expression, in addition to the classic, slightly brushed brass version. The VL studio wall lamp therefore adds a modern touch and a warm atmosphere to any interior with its simple aesthetics and exclusive materials.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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