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Trick is a tool that integrates perfectly with surfaces during the day and disappears by lighting up at night, and is aimed at the use of LED light sources.

"The main function of trick is not to create general lighting or to respond to specific mathematical needs to illuminate the space, it is rather something you can play with, this is the idea from which it comes."

Trick in fact forgets the traditional canons of lighting and attributes three-dimensionality to spaces, creating infinite graphic combinations. It is an elegant, minimal instrument that adapts perfectly to setting, without sacrificing high-level performance. In fact, it has two functions: architectural and artistic.

In addition to this it is available in the versions: radial trick, 360 ° effect and blade of light, 180 °, washer. On the basis of your own spaces, you can choose between 4 different sizes from 45, 90, 110 and 160mm.

Trick's innovation lies in the toroidal plane-convex lens with a microprismatic surface and an internal shielding casing to correctly direct the flow of light and avoid any unnecessary loss. The lenses, on the other hand, are transparent, satin or partially satin depending on the model. Trick is in fact perfect for installation on niches, openings, portals or in a residential setting.

Trick models

Specifically, the Trick effect Blade of light and Blade 360 ​​° consists of a surface luminaire with a round shape which allows a very precise emission of light with an emission that is always defined. It is perfect for emphasizing the perimeter of walls, porches or niches.

Trick with 180 ° blade effect is a tool that combines space with vertical, horizontal or inclined lines. It is useful for enhancing spaces or buildings.

Trick radial effect instead emits light in a homogeneous way, it is also available with a 360 ° effect.The radially emitted light causes shadows, plays of light and dynamism to be created together with the elements.

Lastly, Trick washer effect is a very small but at the same time very powerful lamp, so as to satisfy the lighting needs. It is perfect for highlighting the characteristics of historic buildings.

Let's discover Trick in his versions, you will find everything on our Diffusione Luce Website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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