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The need to illuminate a house and the desire to break the monotony of using always the usualchandeliers. How many of us have thought once: "how much I would like to change that lamp!" and then find ourselves on the fence and feel lost while choosing the perfect alternative which combinesdesign, function, flexibility and visual comfort. The answer lies, unexpectedly, in a track. A design track. A luminous, diversified, tough (but not static at all) light strip, which can become thin as a wire and be integrated into the furniture, in a perfect chromatic harmony. We are talking aboutdesign track lighting: a lighting system composed of a series of spotlights that run on a ceiling-mounted structure. The track can be made of metal or plastic, or even in plexiglas to achieve a nearly total invisibility and an ultra-modern design. The types of light fixtures that can be mountedon this system are various, to satisfy a wide range of needs: suspension lamps or spotlights, fixed or adjustable, mounting LEDs or high-efficiency halogen bulbs. Different materials, shapes and colors to mix-and-match: from metal to plexiglas, from cylindrical to cubic and spheric shape, from the classic white and black colors to chromatic and transparent effect.

Have you changed your mind? The lighting fixtures can be removed and changed very easily, or just adjusted to adapt to every need, not only practical needs but also stylistic ones, with the highestdegree of customization.

The protagonist of track lighting is certainly LED technology, which combines maximum visualand light comfort with the reduction of energy consumption. Therefore, track lighting system is an excellent choice from the point of view of energy saving, because it directs the light where youreally need and avoids over-lighting in those areas where you prefer to have a more diffused light.

The design of the lighting fixtures, the wide selection of shapes and materials, and the flexibility of the track system, combined with the light output guaranteed by LEDs, all these elements create together a synthesis between aesthetic appearence and functionality. This feature makes this type of lighting beautiful, in all respects.

Where can you use track lighting to make the most of it? Ideal to enrich the living area and the kitchen, but also used to enhance a bathroom, the track ligting is able to create the ideal atmospherein every space, domestic or not. For example, in an office it’s the best solution to have lighting directed above workstations, avoiding over-lighting in the rest of the room and unnecessary energylosses; on the other hand, in the commercial field this type of lighting is ideal for exposition needswithout being too much invasive.

The important matter is to choose a solution that meets your aesthetic preferences and that isintegrated with the design, the colors and the style of the other furniture, but without omitting the specific needs of every different space of the house. As we have seen, there’s a wide variety of colors and materials: aluminum and steel for a minimal and industrial style, copper or brass to givea vintage touch, crystal to have refined transparencies and evocative set of reflections and refractions, or plastic materials such as polycarbonate, ABS and technopolymers, for an ultra-modern design.

But what is the best lighting choice? It’s the one that allows us to perform every type of activity in every environment in the best conditions of comfort.

The perfect lighting for every room, for every activity. In the kitchen, artificial lighting plays an important role in illuminating work areas: with a track structure it’s possible to direct and adjustLED spotlights to light specific areas, such as the countertop, guaranteeing at the same time a diffused and homogeneous lighting even in the rest of the room.

For the bedroom or the study, where there’s the need to have the right lighting to study or to read a book in bed, the solution is to create accent lighting on desk and bedside tables, opting in this case for a track system with suspension lamps.

Thanks to the variety of combinations and the freedom of composition that track lighting offers, itwill be like experiencing every space of your home every time in a different light.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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