Tiffany rechargeable lamp

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A multifaceted texture like a crystal and a warm LED light, dimmerable with the touch of a finger. These are the ingredients that make this table lamp a beautiful masterpiece. A precious piece of forniture, with an efficient technology and a refined design which personalizes every space giving a touch of softness and luminous colors.

The Tiffany lamp collection presented in 2018 by Guzzini Illuminazione, a made in Italy project born from an intuition of the Guzzini brothers in the late 1950s, is a sparkle of brightness, delicacy and personality.

Signed by the brothers architects Pio and Tito Toso, the Tiffany collection, as the name suggests, is inspired by an icon of timeless elegance and style, a collection full of light.

 Among the jewels of the collection, there's the small and portable Tiffany rechargeable table lamp, which illuminates the space in a delicate and dynamic way, linking people and spaces, in just 25 cm height: maximum versatility and space-saving at the same time.

The transparency of the acrylic material used for the lampshade gives a wonderful crystal effect, faceted thanks to the texture of small squares moving the surface. When the light is on and filters through the precious facets, the show is incredible.

Inside the base that supports the lampshade is placed the battery that powers the warm-colored LED light, to be turned on via a 'touch-sensitive' switch (On / Off Touch), which also allows to regulate light intensity, from the 100% of light to 5%, for an extremely soft light.

The battery lasts 6.5 hours and can be recharged via USB plug.

Guzzini Tiffany is an iconic product on the market of portable lamps, an authentic piece of design inspired by the classic table lamps, but characterized by contemporary lines and modern colors. Ideal as a spotlight on the table, on a bedside table or on the coffee table in the living room, you can find it (and try it) in many different colors, from an elegant smoky gray to light blue, from a delicate amber to transparency: 


Written by Sara Sabia

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