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Extravangant, ironic and colorful, this is how Threebù presents itself, a collection designed by Marcantonio for Slide Design. Slide Design is a leading Italian company all over the world, famous for its lighting elements but also for its furnishings.

In particular, in this collaboration with Marcantonio, a contemporary element was sought that could unite different setting and moments, Threebù in fact was born as a symbol to unite, thanks to its size but also to its uses.

In fact, Marcantonio is an artist and designer who finds inspiration in his works from the connection between man and nature.

"I never give up irony, irony is a serious thing. If a good idea is also fun, I can't help but realize it".


In Threebù this concept finds its maximum expression, it is in fact a modern table / stool, composed of three faces that recall an ancestral past thanks to these faces with indigenous and African characters. It is also available in the versions Threebù Pot, Threebù Party bottle holder or Threebù Totem floor lamp.

This collection is then produced with a bioplastic deriving from sugar cane, which recalls the colors of the earth and which for the first time is used in the world of design, to guarantee extreme versatility and is available in many colors, from standard to bright ones, lacquered and special.

Threebù Pot

Threebù Pot is the vase designed by Marcantonio with a contemporary and ironic look that recalls the typical synthesis of African art. With its ethnic caracteristics but at the same time extremely versatile, Threebù Pot is perfect for decorating both outdoor and indoor spaces.

At the same time it can be used as a coffee table, marrying perfectly in contexts such as living rooms, terraces and gardens. Threebù Pot is also available in many colors so as to be perfect in any setting.

Threebù Party

The second model is Threebù Party, the contemporary and ironic bottle holder. It is ideal for giving a touch of personality to indoor and outdoor setting thanks to its whimsical and lively personality. Threebù is in fact one of those elements that in an setting catches the eye, captures the attention and arouses curiosity. Thanks to the many colors in which it is available, it adapts to any context.

Threebù Totem

Last but not least we have Threebù Totem, a floor lamp designed by Marcantonio, which aesthetically always incorporates contemporary forms and which recall ancestral rituals of meeting and sharing.

Inspired by the masks of African culture, Threebù Totem can be both luminous and a piece of furniture, and can be formed from two up to a maximum of four pieces, thus customizing it in colors and finishes and releasing infinite possibilities of combinations.

Let's find the Threebù collection on our Diffusione Luce Website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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