The Vertigo lamp

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The most important goal of Petite Friture is not only to create objects but to generate emotions.

This lamp was created by a Parisian designer Constance Guisset, who collaborated with Petite Triture on this idea. It immediately found enormous success, thanks to its fine lines and elegant design, to the point of receiving the public award in 2006 at the Villa Noailles.

The Vertigo lamp differs from all the others, because despite its size, it transmits lightness and fluidity. Thanks to its structure, it creates fascinating plays of shadows on the walls around it, giving intense and diffused lighting. Because of its characteristics you will find the body of the Vertigo made of iron with glass fibers and with polyurethane strips laid by hand.
It is also available in different colors black, white, cobalt, copper, green and scarab color and in two different sizes. This variety of colors and models will give you the possibility to place the Vertigo lamp in different setting, decorating your spaces with its singular presence.
Thanks to its E27 socket, you can use the most common and commercially available bulbs.

Vertigo Nova

Vertigo Nova was also born on her sister's line, made in LED version, and it’s even more innovative and technological than you expect. It takes its name from a star and for this very reason, it is very elegant and sophisticated to the eye, suitable for important setting. You will find it in two colors: black and white and in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Potence Vertigo Nova

In addition to the Vertigo Nova, you will find also a wall line, named Potence Vertigo Novblack and white has also been created and thanks to the LED technology, this lamp will be able to illuminate any rooms, giving light and refinement.

Vertigo Nova floor lamp

In the Vertigo Nova floor lamp, it was decided to combine all the skills acquired and create a line suitable for bigger contexts. Also in this case you can choose to buy it in white, ideal for a room that requires brightness or in black, to create a more suffused setting.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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