The new Array lamp from Vibia: an explosion of style and functionality

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Lighting plays a crucial role in defining the atmosphere and aesthetics of a space and the new collection of Array pendant lamps by Vibia represents a perfect combination of refined design and advanced technology.

It is in fact a new collection of lamps, signed by the visionary designer Umut Yamac, which aims to challenge perception, illuminating spaces with an enveloping light. Array is therefore an exploration of thread and its potential, to create light and dynamic light sculptures. Made up of a series of thin threads stretched between two rings, the collection features a variety of conical and cylindrical silhouettes, which can be combined together in a fascinating installation.

Then combining soft downward lighting and seductive upward light, Array generates a splendid gradient effect that interacts with the tone and texture of the threads. Finally, thanks to the different sizes in which it is available, the versatile colors and an LED light source, these lamps adapt to different context and lighting needs.

Let's go and discover Array!

Array Lamps specifics

Array lamps stand out for a series of innovative and design features that we will now get to know.

Conical Shape: The conical shape of Array lamps is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. This geometry allows for a uniform distribution of light, creating diffused lighting that avoids harsh shadows and guarantees a welcoming atmosphere.

LED source: The use of LED technology not only ensures bright and clear lighting, but also higher energy efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs. Array lamps therefore offer long life and low energy consumption, making them environmentally friendly and economical.

Dimensions: The Array collection is available in different sizes, allowing great flexibility in interior design. Whether it's a small reading corner or a large living room, you can find the perfect fit for every space. The collection is in fact made up of three different sizes, the largest of which reaches almost two meters in height and 124 cm in diameter.

Colors: Available in beige, earth and green, Array lamps can match various decor styles. Neutral beige integrates easily into minimalist and modern settings, while earth and green add a touch of color and warmth, ideal for more traditional or eclectic environments.

Where to place the Array Lamps

The versatility of Array lamps makes them suitable for different situations. Here are some ideas on where to place them for maximum impact:

Living Room: Array lamps can be used as a focal point above a sofa. The diffused light will thus create a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Dining Room: One or more Array lamps suspended above the dining table can add elegance and functionality. The clear and direct light will then be perfect for intimate dinners or family gatherings.

Kitchen: Array lamps are also perfect for kitchen lighting. Positioned above the island or worktop, they provide direct and functional lighting, facilitating food preparation and culinary activities.

Bedroom: To create a relaxing and elegant atmosphere, Array lamps can be installed as a focal point in the center of the room. Their soft light will then be perfect for reading at night or for creating an intimate environment.

Contract area: Even in work spaces, Array lamps can make the difference. Placed in an office, a bar or a restaurant, they offer direct, shadow-free lighting, improving the welcome and atmosphere.

Why choose Vibia Array lamps

There are many reasons why Vibia Array lamps are an excellent choice if you are looking to improve the lighting and decor of your space.

First of all, the elegant design, the conical shape and the sophisticated colors of the Array lamps, add a touch of class to any settings.

In addition to this, the design is modern but at the same time timeless, capable of integrating harmoniously into various furnishing styles.

Let's then talk about energy efficiency, because these lamps use LED technology, which offers numerous advantages from various points of view: reduction of energy costs and lower environmental impact.

Let's continue with versatility, these lamps are in fact available in different sizes and colors allowing you to customize the lighting according to the specific needs of each space. Whether creating a focal point or adding functional light, Array lamps offer flexible solutions.

Finally, quality, Vibia is a brand known for excellence and innovation in the lighting field, in fact the Array lamps are made with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing durability and reliability over time.

In conclusion, Vibia's Array pendant lights represent a perfect fusion of elegant design and advanced functionality. With their distinctive conical shape, efficient LED technology and a range of sophisticated colours, these lamps offer versatile and stylistically appealing lighting solutions for any environment.

Choosing Array lamps therefore means investing in high-quality lighting, which enhances and transforms the space, creating welcoming and refined atmospheres.

Discover Array by Vibia on our Diffusione Luce website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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