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In the panorama of lighting design, where the offer often focuses on functionality to the detriment of aesthetics, a company emerges that has made beauty and originality its distinctive brand: Il Pezzo Mancante.

Founded on the idea of ​​creating not just lamps, but true luminous works of art, this Italian company has conquered the world of interior design with its unique and evocative creations.

At the center of attention among the various proposals of Il Pezzo Mancante, we find the Pezzo 12, a series of lamps available in different variants: wall lamp, single suspension, round chandelier, floor lamp and triple round chandelier, which recall a suspended female figure in the air, which carries the light.

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Pezzo 12 characteristics

Each version then brings with it a unique soul, characterized by timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship quality, thanks to diffused lighting which at the same time projects fascinating motifs on the wall, creating suggestion and play.

But the beauty of Pezzo 12 also lies in its ability to transform spaces, adding a touch of light and style, which goes beyond its simple illuminating purpose. In fact, each lamp is handmade by expert Italian craftsmen, who give them a care and attention to detail that is reflected in every single creation.

All the products of this company are in fact meticulously made in the Atelier located in Florence, by a small team of people guided by a shared passion for quality and beauty.

Materials and colors Pezzo 12

In addition to this, the materials used are very precious such as brass, glass and crystal, which blend harmoniously giving life to luminous works of art that embody the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

Each lamp then hides a detail, the "Missing Piece" is in fact a small brass cylinder set in each piece, which contains a serial number that certifies the authenticity and uniqueness of the piece itself.

For this reason, you will find each lamp numbered with its own identification stamp, which seals and guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness.

Versions Pezzo 12

The versatility of the Pezzo 12 is another of its most surprising features. Specifically, the applique version adds a touch of refinement to any wall, while the single suspension is perfect for lighting dining tables or relaxation corners with style. While the floor lamp adds a touch of light and style to entrances or reading corners.

Finally, the round triple chandelier is ideal for larger spaces such as entrance halls, hotel foyers or luxury restaurants.

In any context you place them, Pezzo 12 will integrate harmoniously, giving the rooms an aura of elegance and refinement.

Lights and colors on Pezzo 12

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, the Pezzo 12 lamps also offer high quality lighting, thanks to the 4 LEDs, capable of creating welcoming and evocative atmospheres.

Thanks to the variety of colors available, black, bronze, nickel, gold and champagne, it will be possible to choose the finish that will integrate perfectly with the style and decor of your setting.

Domestic or contract context: Pezzo 12 adapts to all contexts

But that's not all, the Pezzo 12 lamps are not just furnishing accessories, but real focal elements that capture attention and transform spaces into unique and evocative context.

In domestic contexts, these lamps add a touch of magic to any room, making it welcoming and inviting.

In workplaces, such as offices, bars, restaurants or hotels, Pezzo 12 creates atmospheres of class and refinement, welcoming customers with an enveloping light and timeless beauty.

In conclusion, Il Pezzo Mancante with its Pezzo 12 represents excellence in the field of furnishing lighting, transforming spaces with its beauty and originality. Each lamp is a testament to Italian craftsmanship, with a care and attention to detail that is reflected in every aspect of its design.

Both in domestic and professional contexts, the Pezzo 12 adds that touch of magic that completes the furnishings and makes the environments truly special.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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