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The equator has never been so reachable and at hand, thanks to the innovative proposal of lighting design Equatore by Fontana Arte, which changes every custom of the traditional lighting, reinterpreting in a contemporary way the design of classic lamps with glass lampshade. In the traditional lampshades the light source is in fact placed inside the diffuser, while in the lamps composing the Equatore collection the diffuser becomes ephemeral, emptied, paradoxically losing its primary function to create a suggestion that is absolutely unusual and fascinating. Light diffusion is generated by two luminous disks positioned inside a central metal band, visible on the lampshade and recalling the equator line, from which the collection takes its name.

The light produced by Led sources, thanks to the layers of internal screens, is distributed regularly on the surface of the two disks, radiating them suggestively of light. The upper disk illuminates the glass cover, generating a soft diffused light, while the lower disk directs the light downwards. Equatore lamp, designed in 2017 by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, is available in three versions (table lamp, floor lamp and suspended lamp) and in two sizes (small and large), to satisfy every desire. And that’s not all, it comes in two chromatic combinations: a “cold” one, characterized by the gray glass shade and dark chromed frame, minimal and elegant, and a warm one, characterized by a dove-gray transparent shade and a delicate and super-chic copper structure. In addition, its dimmable LED light source, integrated in both the large and small sizes, guarantees a light with a color temperature of 2700 ° K gaining a natural effect and an incredible color rendering, thanks to the high color rendering index (CRI > 90).

Perfect to give an accent light to your living room, bedroom or to lightly illuminate a desk or a hall, Fontana Arte Equatore is a small jewel of lighting design that enchants as a wonder of nature..

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Written by Sara Sabia

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