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Here is the STAFF that will take care of you,

if you give us this wonderful opportunity:



Supervises the development and technical management of the web and commercial sector. Innovative and experimenter, he faces challenges with enthusiasm, which is why he is the engine of the Diffusioneshop Team.

"If you do things well, make them better. Be the first, make a difference, accept challenges, be excellence!"



E-Commerce Manager

It is the heart of Diffusioneshop. Gianni coordinates everything and everyone: his charisma, his competence and sympathy allow him to better guide the whole team, leading Diffusioneshop to become, day after day, leader in the lighting sector.


Enrico Maria

Graphic Designer & Sales Manager

It is the creative soul of Diffusioneshop, with its skill and precision it deals with sales and realization in everything that requires a graphic intervention. From the products, to the graphics of the website, to the flyers of our stores, to the social networks and the newsletter, each project becomes reality thanks to its skills.



Administrative Manager

Manages the general accounting of the company, and handles relations with banks and institutions directly. Precise and efficient, it is a fundamental element in the direction of Diffusioneshop.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success"



Trade Agent ''The Salesman''

He manages the company's sales in the Bolognese area, and directly handles relations with the designers and architects. Charisma to sell and strong sensitivity in understanding the needs of each construction site. Precise and scrupulous, it is a fundamental element in the Diffusione luce sales department.

"The sales process is a sequence of two moments. First, you have to educate yourself. Then, you have to educate the client."



Purchasing Manager

Attentive to the latest innovations put on the market, he deals with the management of web and sales point orders. Cheerful and sunny is the winning card of Diffusioneshop, as it is able to perfectly fulfill every task always with a smile.

"I believe that success is achieved by ordinary people with an extraordinary determination"



Shop & Sales Assistant

Excellent personal shopper, he can advise the right jewel for every occasion, accompanying the customer with care and attention in his shopping experience. Its strength is the desire to continue to learn and try new challenges.



Shipping Department Manager

When he joined our team he brought a breath of joy and a desire to learn. Accurate and cordial, he takes care of the order preparation and shipping process on the reference marketplaces.

'' Precision is what distinguishes the professional from the amateur ''



Logistics & Shipping Department Assistant

Italian-American, it is a concrete help in the management of the logistics department and I communicated. Supervises the shipping process and arrival of goods in the warehouse without leaving out any details. It also offers its help with regard to the loading and unloading of goods from the virtual warehouse.



Web Assistant, Blogger

Face each topic with a smile, dealing with the communication of the blog. Her knowledge allows her to develop all the creative ideas of the communication and emotional department of


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