Tell me who is the most beautiful?

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FLOS, leading Italian company on the lighting design national and international scene, illuminates millions of people's dreams since fifty years. Its design philosophy looks to the future, but with an eye to the past and understanding current desires.

This virtuous trend has given birth to La Plus Belle mirror, produced by FLOS and designed by the creative mind of Philippe Starck, French architect and designer.

Nearly provocative with its plain forms, contemporary with its light materials, charming thanks to its soft and impalpable light, La Plus Belleis designed to illuminate the space by an innovative light, and the space reacts to this in a play of lights and shadows which is able to surprise us.

Hidden beneath the optical silicone diffuser, special LEDs are positioned equally around the frame ensuring uniformity of light distribution and emitting a warm light (at 2700°K), with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and brightness adjustable via the sensor integrated within the mirror with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity by 10% to 100%.

The result is a high quality light performance.

The frame of La Plus Bellealmost vanishes, made of a special aluminium alloy that provides incredible anode colourations available in different high quality finishes: Polished Aluminium, Polished Bronze, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold finishes.

Moreover, thanks to the wall-mounted magnetic system, the mirror can be hung like a painting, to be admired and in which you can admire yourself.

If the witch in the famous Snow White fairy could have looked in her bright mirror designed by Philippe Starck, perhaps she would not have needed to poison an apple to feel herself the most beautiful of the realm.

"Imagine the witch asking her mirror: 'Mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful.' In the dark, it does not work. In the dark, nothing exists, not even questions. Flos turned on the light around the mirror and Snow White appeared.”

Philippe Starck

La Plus Bellereflects, lights, enhances shapes and feelings, and makes everyone feel a little more beautiful

written by Sara Sabia

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