Which material should you choose for your coffee table? Wood, metal or marble?

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Coffee tables are an essential element in the furnishing of any space, from the dining room to the living room, to the lobby of a hotel. Their function then goes beyond the simple support for coffee cups or magazines, as they contribute significantly to the overall appearance of a room.

When it comes to choosing a coffee table, material selection is therefore a crucial decision that will influence both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

In this article, we will explore different material options for coffee tables, including wood, metal, marble, also reporting examples of one-of-a-kind items.

Wood tables

Wood is a traditional material widely used for coffee tables, thanks to its versatility and its ability to adapt to a wide range of furniture styles. Wooden coffee tables then offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, without considering that it is available in different types, such as oak, walnut and cherry, each of which gives a unique look and feel.

Besides this its durability is a big plus, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

An example of this is the beautiful Pinwheel coffee table in solid wood by &tradition which takes its name from a children's toy. Designed to be adaptable, this coffee table can be reshaped creatively, because multiple tables can be fitted together to form an even more unique one. Pinwheel is then made of solid wood and brass. The table top is milled from solid wood, and is available in oiled oak or walnut, while the three support legs are available in brass or stainless steel

Steel tables

Steel is a modern and contemporary material that gives a clean and minimalist look to coffee tables. These are then perfect for context where an industrial or minimalist aesthetic is sought. Steel is also known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for spaces where a high level of activity may occur. It is also easy to clean and maintains an elegant appearance over time.

Metal tables

Metal is another versatile material that offers a contemporary look and remarkable durability. Metal coffee tables are in fact ideal for modern and minimalist spaces, thanks to their cleanliness and resistance. Metal is also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for context such as hotels, restaurants or living rooms.

An example of a metal coffee table is Palette, inspired by the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder, by &tradition who transformed the idea of ​​a piece of furniture into a series of tables and desks stabilized by a metal structure. Palette is then a collection of multilevel tables of various shapes, sizes, colors and materials, offering an irresistible mix of elegant materials such as walnut or black ash, together with marble and brass.

Marble tables

Marble is synonymous with luxury and elegance, and is a popular choice for coffee tables, thanks also to its unquestionable beauty. However, marble is porous and requires special care to prevent stains and damage. As a result, it is best to use marble coffee tables in context where maintenance is regular and the risk of damage is minimal.

The Metafora table by Martinelli Luce is a perfect example of this and fascinates with its aesthetics, choice of shapes and materials. The shapes of this coffee table are also unique given that the base that supports the table is the union of a cube, a cylinder, a sphere and a pyramid completed by a large sheet of transparent glass.

Glass tables

In addition to wood, steel and marble, there are many other materials to consider for coffee tables. For example, glass coffee tables offer a light, transparent look that can make a small space appear larger. Glass coffee tables are also easy to clean, but they can be vulnerable to scratches and cracks. The use of materials such as glass is best in contexts where delicacy can be preserved.

In conclusion, selecting the material for your coffee table is an important decision in decorating your space. Wood, steel, marble, metal, glass offer a variety of aesthetics and functionality, and the choice will depend on the style of your setting, your personal preferences and the maintenance you are willing to support.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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