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Today we offer you three unique pieces of great design and furniture, ideal for refined and classy setting, all made in Italy and created by great internationally famous designers.

Love bench

The first exclusive element is the romantic Amore bench, designed by Giò Colonna Romano, the founder of Slide. Giò Romano is an industrial engineer, designer and entrepreneur, who has turned his innate creativity into a job.
Its distinctive signature is certainly the one that, taking its cue from everyday reality, creates product lines with an ironic, fun and colorful design.

Love is a perfect example of his creativity. This splendid and sophisticated bench immediately catches the eye and it is perfect for different setting, such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, but also in domestic spaces, to give prominence and an innovative touch to a room.

The goal of Giò Colonna Romano in Amore is to transform a word into an element with essential lines, capable of communicating joy and lightness. All of this is also allowed by the variety of colors in which it is possible to buy Amore, 13.
This bench is therefore available in the matt version and on request in the lacquered version for outdoor use or with lighting.
More precisely, it is available in the standard colors: Milk White, Black, Elephant Gray, Chocolate Brown, Clay Gray, Dove Gray, Dusty Blue, Mauve Green, Lime Green, Saffron Yellow, Pumpkin Orange, Flame Red and Fuchsia.
In the following lacquered colors, with glossy or matt effect: Absolute White, Glamor Black, Vanity Gray, Charming Ivory, Supreme Red, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver and Metallic Copper.

Wow bench

The second element always proposed by the Slide company is WOW, an extravagant and pop bench. This design element is signed by Kazuko Okamoto, a Japanese designer who, after having found various successes, decides to open up to the European market as well.

The strength of WOW lies in the choice of this word, because only by placing it in a room, will it be able to generate an exclamation. WOW is in fact an object with a playful and impactful design, ideal for any type of setting or event. Another peculiarity of this bench lies in the fact that this word is palindrome. In fact, by turning the bench upside down, you will go from reading the word WOW to MOM.

WOW is the word that describes awe and beauty and in the same way, according to the designer, mom is the only true first love of every person. In this way Kazuko Okamoto, in a simple bench, was able to combine the two greatest human feelings: love and amazement.

Speaking of more technical specifications, this element of furniture is very light and flexible, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces and available in 13 colors.

Design table Ambrogio

Ambrogio is the third design element that we propose, created by Francesco, son of Paolo Favaretto, who founded his company in 1973. It is a service and design table that can be placed in different setting, shop windows, shops and in all situations where help is needed to serve.
In fact, this design table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, versatile thanks to the wide range of colors in which it can be chosen, as many as 13.
The peculiarity of this table is that was made of polyethylene (70%) and EcoAllene (30%), a material made from 100% recycled material from Tetrapack cartons, which gives plastic a second life. This nice design table was in fact made with innovative and sustainable techniques thanks to the EcoAllene, an element never yet used in the world of design.

In conclusion, Ambrogio turns out to be a perfect mix of cartoon design, an element of high design and an ethical product, starting what we hope will increasingly become a circular economy.

Don't miss the Slide design elements in its various models and colors! You will find everything, as always, on our online shop!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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