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“He loves me, he loves me not…” How many times have we pick a daisy in a lawn and entrusted to his petals the destiny of our love? That's what we want to do looking at Clizia, the splendid collection of lamps proposed by the Italian company Slamp, which since 1994 has been creating original, eclectic and contemporary design lamps, which are handmade in the atelier of Rome with the collaboration of famous architects and designers on the international scene.

Inside the Clizia lamp collection we find the battery-powered, portable and rechargeable table version, designed by Adriano Rachele. Its design is inspired by the purity of nature and the perfection of its shapes: the light and delicate petals of this luminous bouquet bring a breath of fresh air and a graceful, almost suspended, atmosphere to the interiors. Just like a bouquet of flowers in its elegant white vase, Clizia embellishes the spaces, illuminating a romantic dinner on the terrace with a delicate and soft light, like a floral lantern, or as mood lighting for the moment of waking up, during a relaxing bath , in a corner of the house in which to find refuge and relax.

You can move this incredible battery-powered table lamp, as beautiful as a flower, with the simplicity of a gesture, creating everywhere new and evocative scenarios.

Perfect on its own as a floral, elegant and original centerpiece, but also as a splendid decorative solution for professional events, glam ceremonies, romantic couple moments, in cafes, lounge bars and restaurants. To illuminate in full freedom, leaving room for imagination and for the primordial instinct towards the natural, perfect and pure shapes. Even more if these shapes are illuminated, as are the petals of the Clizia collection, hand-made using a system made of Cristalflex® joints, regular assembled shapes that give life to a perfect balance of transparencies and reflections.

It’s a cloud of petals that seems to capture the delicate light of the morning sun charged with iridescent reflections, and then it returns them, once its light is turned on, diffusing a 360° light.

It’s the corolla of a soft flower through which light filters and creates shadows.

It’s a landscape that enlivens environments without invading them with its presence.

Clizia combines aesthetics and functionality: made of new generation materials and equipped with a magnetic support that fixes the lamp at the metal base, it has a warm LED light (2700 ° K) that spreads through the Lentiflex® / Cristalflex® petals. The battery has an operating time of 14 hours, and is easily rechargeable in just 5 hours for a full charge via an integrated USB plug. All these virtues are enclosed in a very small size: just 25 cm of height and 27 cm of diameter.

An inspiration by nature transformed into a luminous, evocative and technological object.

The two color versions proposed give even more lightness and elegance to this delicate lamp: mamanomama, ethereal with its completely white corolla and base, and fumè, in which a thin dark line emphasizes the profile of the petals adding a touch of character to more.

You can find it in both versions on Diffusione Luce e-shop:

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Written by Sara Sabia

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