Relamping Revolution

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Relamping, just a word to describe a relevant action, which could have positive effects on money saving and on the environment considering the effect of reducing energy consumption.

Relamping is used to describe the replacement of halogen or incandescent light bulbs, which are by now inefficient and which therefore cause excessive energy consumption, with more efficient lamps able to reduce energy waste and characterized by a longer lifetime.

In particular, it's called Relamping LED when the old light bulbs are replaced by the so-called Light Emitting Diodes, the LEDs. It's a technology with great advantages, with a minimal effort by the users. To carry out the Relamping, indeed, no modification is required on the electrical system of your house, you have just to buy compatible LED bulbs to replace the obsolete and no-longer working halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lamps we have at home.

In conclusion, as easy as change a light bulb!

But with many (unsuspected) benefits, even in the long term. Let's see which are them:

-     a reduction of energy consumption up to 85% compared to the traditional lamps, with consequent money saving for users;

-     a longer life in terms of hours of use, therefore lower maintenance costs: LED bulbs can last up to 20 hours more than traditional ones, and they need to be replaced less frequently;

-     a reduced impact on the environment: the diodes uses electricity more efficiently than halogen or incandescent devices to produce lighting, generating high levels of brilliance with less heat dispersion and reducing in this way the CO2 emissions; moreover, LEDs are made of 100% recyclable materials and do not contain mercury, phosphors or other dangerous chemicals which could contaminate the soil and water.

We have just to consider how much, and for how many hours per day, artificial lighting is used in our offices, shops, bars, hotels, schools, to understand how much this fact can affect the annual energy cost. And we can even imagine the potential savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance that the application of relampingcan have at this scale.

Even for private houses, even if artificial lighting is relatively less used in terms of hours per day, the benefits are evident, in terms of user-friendly installation, visual well-being given by an optimal color restitution or, merely, a longer life, which means ... less light bulbs to change!

To make this process more accessible for private users, even for 2019 the eco-tax bonus, consisting in a 65% fiscal deduction on the costs incurred for energy-saving actions, is valid.

To be entitled to gain this bonus, however, the purchase of LED lights needs to be included into a renovation project which considers saving-energy measures. To do this, you have to pay by bank transfer specifying in the reason for the payment that it's for a building renovation.

Moreover, if you are already in the middle of a house renovation in progress, you can buy LED bulbs with a 10% reduced VAT tax.

In conclusion, a saving for everyone, immediately and in the long term, with the assurance of an efficient, long-lasting, environment-friendly, beautiful choice. We can say, an "illuminated" choice.

Investing in Relamping: a little, important revolution.

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written by Sara Sabia

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