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We have already talked about the iGuzzini company, its talent and skill, but this time we will deal with a product line that goes far beyond expectations, because it has been able to unite the land and the sea.

More precisely, these are 4 series, where lights, shapes and colors blend perfectly to create unique and precious lamps, capable of transporting anyone who looks at them to the golden beaches, bathed by the gentle waves of the sea of ​​the Marche coast.

The series are: Portonovo, Sirolo, Conero and Numana.

Portonovo, Reflections

"In our memory, the lantern is a wireless light source that you can easily carry: you can place it or hang it, indoors and outdoors. Portonovo is a contemporary lantern that evokes the scents of a garden on a summer evening" Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato.

Portonovo is a lamp designed and conceived by two Italian designers, Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato, with a simple and minimal design and style. It is also practical and convenient, since you can literally take it wherever you want, thanks to the absence of wires and the battery charger. You can also vary the brightness power, from 5% to 100% to fully meet your needs.

It is in fact an excellent table lamp, versatile and effective but you just need to remove it from its stem, to let the lamp become a pendant. The Portonovo lamp also reflects a refined and unusual style and this is also demonstrated by the internal structure wrapped in a transparent element that rests on it. Transparency is rich, precious, like that of glass but more resistant, thanks to the noble qualities of PPMA.

Even the colors of Portonovo fully reflect the colors of the Marche Riviera, available in white, like the sea foam, blue, like the sky above it, and black, like the dark rocks of its seabed.

Sirolo, Reflections

“For us who have“ breathed ”the 500 years of culture and history in the manufacturing of Murano blown glass, it was immediate to draw on the richness of the acrylic material which expresses all its quality and crystalline beauty when it is illuminated. The lens effect infinitely multiplies reflections, giving movement, preciousness and a high aesthetic value. " Pio & Tito Toso.

The Sirolo line is transparent with very imaginative shapes that recall diamonds. These details and this originality, thanks to the use of acrylic material, demonstrate the study, research, and attention with which Pio & Tito Toso have conceived and created Sirolo, an elegant, refined lamp, but also efficient in terms of technology. 

Sirolo is also available as a table or bedside table lamp and as a pendant in two sizes, while in terms of colors we find this lamp available in transparent like the purity of the air, gray like a passing cloud and amber like the energy of the sun.

Specifically, the suspended version has a diffuser screen to ensure comfortable light, while the table version is available with or without wires, with a rechargeable battery simply with a USB cable. Thanks to the use of technology, it will be possible with a simple touch to turn the lamp on or off and vary the brightness power from 5% to 100%.

The quality of the PMMA used, the noblest of polymers, also gives Sirolo a truly exclusive effect. Precisely for these numerous reasons we can say that it is a precious lamp, which plays with reflections thanks to its diamond pattern, able to enhance any setting, giving it personality and refinement.

Conero, Reflections

“Beyond functional and technical considerations, in any design I try to consider all those affective and emotional components that are then translated into aesthetic motifs and emotions” Luigi Massoni.

Conero is a suspension lamp that wants to go beyond time lines, challenging simplicity and contemporaneity, because it wants to show itself confident in its shapes and refinement. This lamp is a design icon, in fact its shape, typically 70s, is enveloping, defined and imposing.
Conero has a strong character, made with transparent or colored, two-tone and / or galvanized materials, to give personality to the space. In the two-tone versions, the inside is always white while the outside can take up the white or play in the contrasts, black and gold.

In addition to colors, Conero is also available in several sizes, to make it versatile and suitable for any context.

Numana, Reflections

"Numana was born from the idea of ​​designing a collection that expresses the preciousness and the sense of attention to detail of certain handcrafted craftsmanship. These processes also carry the message and the value of the time dedicated to engraving, sewing, modeling the material. " Pio & Tito Toso.

Numana is a suspension lamp of extreme refinement and precision. The use of acrylic material has in fact made the impossible possible, since admiring this lamp, you will have the impression of observing a lace work.
All this created a warm and intimate atmosphere, allowing a truly unique and unrepeatable play of light and backlight.

Even technology has made Numana a reality, because from the design of an embroidery we have moved on to digital realization, through a 3D printer. In fact, the use of Additive Technology has made it possible to reproduce high-precision details and a three-dimensional texture that recalls the manual skills of the embroiderers.

Finally, Numana is available in four different colors, to appreciate its refinement in a contemporary key, namely white, black, gray and powder.

What are you waiting for to discover the Reflections line in all 4 models? You will find everything, as always, on our Diffusione Luce shop.

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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