Queboo: New Releases Saguaro, Koibuchi and Hungry Frog

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Lighting and furnishings play a fundamental role in daily life, because they not only allow you to create light but also influence your mood, helping to create suggestive atmospheres. That's why it's important to carefully choose your furnishing elements, so that they are as innovative and high quality as those offered by Queboo.

In fact, among their new releases, Saguaro, Koibuchi and Hungry Frog stand out, three avant-garde, nice and playful solutions that will transform your home or work setting in a unique way.

Saguaro, Qeeboo

Let's start with Saguaro, a one-of-a-kind coat hanger that captures attention and transforms the setting. The Saguaro is in fact a columnar plant typical of the Sonoran desert, which develops various branches as it ages.‎ The idea of ​​creating a 195 cm high coat stand designed by Stefano Giovannoni was born from the shape of the cactus so as to place coats, hats , jackets, scarves.‎

It is then available in different colors yellow, green, ivory, fuchsia and blue-purple so as to adapt to different contexts, it is made of recyclable polyethylene while the base is in lacquered metal, which is why it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Where to place Saguaro? It is ideal in domestic settings such as living rooms, entrances, porches and bedrooms, but it can also be used in commercial spaces or offices to add a touch of class and style.

Koibuchi Queeboo

Moving on to Koibuchi, Qeeboo presents a versatile and self-supporting bookcase also designed by Stefano Giovannoni.‎ As with Saguaro, this bookcase is also extravagant and unusual and can be positioned anywhere you want, in an office or in a home, alone to divide spaces or on the wall.

‎ In fact, it was conceived as a wall of sectioned and perforated stones, where the holes of the bookcase, on which it is possible to place books, plants or other objects, appear to the eye as a series of irregular interconnected spaces. Koibuchi can then be positioned horizontally or vertically, is made of recyclable polyethylene and is available in different colours.

Hungry Frog Qeeboo

Finally, let's talk about Hungry Frog a small table/wall lamp in the shape of a frog that has eaten the integrated G9 LED bulb, which is now lit in its stomach, designed by Marcantonio.‎

The stomach then lights up and highlights the Lifelike shape and color pop of Hungry Frog comes in 5 different colors inspired by gemstones: Opal, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Amber. In terms of specifications however, the cord to which the bulb is attached, is 180 cm long, is covered in fabric with an integrated switch, so as to allow you to position Hungry Frog in any corner.‎

This frog is in fact perfect for both domestic and working interior settings, so as to give an extra sprint in bedrooms, studios, living rooms but also clubs and shops.

So why choose Queboo's new releases?

In addition to the modern, lively and playful aesthetic, these furniture and lighting elements offer a number of unique advantages. First of all, they are elements designed with high quality materials, guaranteeing long life, reliability and resistance. The different colors in which they were made will allow you to choose the best solution for your spaces, without having to settle for or give up anything. In addition to the practical benefits, these elements offer a touch of emotion and personality to your home or work settings, because they are playful, attention-grabbing and whimsical.

Don't miss the opportunity to furnish your life with style and functionality, discover them on our Diffusione Luce website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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