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In the world of modern lighting, technological evolution has led to the creation of innovative solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics and practicality. Among these, Petite Friture's Quasar Rechargeable Portable LED Outdoor Lamp stands as a masterpiece of design and engineering, offering a versatile lighting solution for outdoor spaces.

It is a lamp that is the result of two years of research which has given life to an eccentric but sustainable design. In its design, Samy Rio was inspired by the organic shape of bamboo, creating controlled lines that give a sense of purity and extravagance. Its name, on the other hand, is a direct reference to astronomy, in fact Quasar is the contraction of QUASi-stellaR, an extremely luminous galactic nucleus.

In this article we will discover its characteristics, its uses and the advantages of this portable lamp.

Quasar characteristics

Quasar is much more than a traditional lamp. Designed with the demands of outdoor activities in mind, its portability is one of its hallmarks. Created from recyclable and weather resistant materials, it gives you the freedom to move it wherever you like, whether it's an overnight picnic on the beach, a cozy evening in the garden, a romantic dinner on the terrace, around a pool, and also inside a home, on a table, desk or on the floor.
This extreme versatility is then allowed thanks to the IP54 certificate which protects it from dust and water jets.

The base is then made from 25% recycled ABS and is impact resistant, while the top "lid" is made from 20% recycled and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. It also comes with a UV resistant polyester cord, making it easy to carry or hang from a pergola, tree or any support.

Finally, it boasts an impressive battery life: 6 hours at full light intensity, 12 hours at 50% capacity and 24 hours at 25% capacity.

And it's available in five colours including black, emerald, olive, aluminum, and sienna.

Quasar uses

Petite Friture is known for its ability to create one-of-a-kind designer pieces, and Quasar is no exception. This portable LED lamp is a true artistic jewel: with its clean and elegant lines, it adds a touch of sophisticated modernity to any space. Its minimalist and geometric design allows it to integrate perfectly with a variety of context, from contemporary to more traditional styles.

Quasar lighting

One of the most fascinating features of the Quasar Rechargeable Portable LED Outdoor Lamp is the ability to change color. Thanks to an advanced LED lighting system, you can select from a wide range of shades to create the perfect mood. From warm and enveloping colors for a romantic evening, to more lively and dynamic shades for a party with friends, Quasar allows you to choose the right lighting for every occasion.

In fact, the Quasar works with LED technology, for a more efficient light from an energy, ecological and sustainable point of view and thanks to its dimmer, it allows temperature regulation (from "warm white" to "cold white") and three light intensities (25%-50%-100%), for a total of nine different combinations of light.

Quasar energy efficiency and sustainability

Besides being an elegant outdoor lighting solution, the Quasar is also committed to environmental sustainability. Thanks to LED technology, it consumes significantly less energy than traditional lamps, ensuring long battery life and reducing environmental impact.

Plus, being rechargeable, it avoids the need for single-use batteries, thus helping to reduce waste.

How to charge the Quasar lamp

The Quasar recharges via a common USB port, which makes it incredibly practical. You can plug it into an outlet, power bank or computer, ensuring quick and easy charging.

Its autonomy varies according to the intensity of lighting chosen, but thanks to the energy efficiency of the LEDs, you can enjoy long hours of continuous light on a single charge.

Quasar resilience and reliability

Because the Quasar has been designed to be weather resistant, you won't have to worry about the elements. Whether it's sun, rain or snow, this LED lamp is ready to shine and take on any weather condition. Its robust structure and the quality of the materials used guarantee a long life, ensuring you a long-lasting and satisfying lighting experience.

In conclusion, the Petite Friture Quasar Portable Rechargeable Outdoor LED Lamp is much more than just a luminaire. It is a work of art, a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures and a versatile option for creating the desired atmosphere in any space.

With its avant-garde design, the possibility of changing colour, energy efficiency and the convenience of USB charging, the Quasar is set to become the new reference point for quality outdoor lighting.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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