Quasar, Petite Friture and Samy Rio

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This splendid and particular lamp was born in 2021 from the meeting between Petite Friture and Samy Rio and aims to combine functionality and research, all giving a balanced shape to the lamp. The name Quasar, on the other hand, means "the brightest stars in the universe".

In fact, both designers are fascinated by circular shapes, and the elegant lines of this lamp give the piece a sense of purity and extravagance. Taking astronomy as a reference, Samy Rio and Petite Friture set themselves the mission of bringing this light intensity into everyone's home.


Quasar in fact has an elegant, simple and contemporary design, with bright and non-trivial colors. It is made for both internal and external use and is extremely versatile. This is why the lamp is portable and can be hung almost anywhere.

In fact, Samy Rio has designed it wireless, to be able to illuminate your living room, patio or even the balcony. Thanks to its size it can then be placed on a furniture, on the floor or even hung on the tie rod. Not only does the rope add a little fun to the design, it also makes it more versatile. The length of the rope is 1 meter but can be unfastened to hang at different heights. Obviously the rope is in the same color as each color in which it is available, thus helping to decorate the lamp.

Durability is also another advantage of Quasar, because the lamp is able to last up to 6 hours at full intensity and up to 12 at a lower intensity. In addition to this, it features IP54 waterproofing and can withstand splashes of water and dust.

As with the lamp, the rope has also been designed to last, in fact it is made of solid polyester resistant to UV rays and anti-mold. Then, based on the setting in which it is to be placed, it is available in three different heat levels 2,200K (warm white) 3,000 K (neutral white) 4,000 K (cool white) so as to be versatile and adaptable to multiple contexts. It is in fact equipped with low energy consumption LED lighting and up to 9 combinations of light intensity can be selected.

Speaking of sustainability, it is right to underline the fact that the selected materials are weatherproof, light and ecological because they are partly recycled and, above all, recyclable. The lamps are made of anodized aluminum (20% recycled) ABS, 25% recycled impact resistant polymer, polycarbonate and mold resistant synthetic (polyester) cable.

Available in the colors aluminum, black olive green emerald green sienna.

Quasar is therefore an elegant, fun, functional and very high quality lamp.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli 

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