Poldina + HUB 40 port

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New entry on the market of rechargeable LED lamps, Poldina is the extremely versatile and functional collection of lamps produced by Ai Lati, with a design that encloses maximum visual comfort and maximum versatility of use in a small size, in a compact and portable piece of design.

This contemporary rechargeable lamp collection is characterized by aluminum body and polycarbonate diffuser, equipped with a warm LED light source and an IP54 protection rating that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Poldina collection includes practical table lights, versatile wall lights or suspended ceiling lights, or even suggestive lamps equipped with peg to be placed into the ground, to light with maximum freedom of composition.

All the Poldina lamps are portable and battery-powered, easily rechargeable via USB, that makes them the perfect prêt-à-porter solution for every need, with simplicity and refinement.

Just imagine them lighting a table or decorating a wall of your favorite restaurant, and the result is a completely different atmosphere.

Also available the newest colors '' Gold leaf '', '' Silver leaf '' and '' Copper leaf '' available for immediate delivery on our website or via the link below. This small light that recalls the classic abat-jour is ideal as accent light for restaurants, bars, hotels and b&b, combining simplicity of use, sophisticated design, in addition to the visual and functional advantages of LED technology with the possibility of adjusting the light intensity via a touch button on the top of the lamp. A duration maximized for prolonged use, up to more than 9 hours without having to recharge the lamp.

Choose the combination of shape and colors that best suits your needs:https://www.diffusioneshop.com/ricerca orderby=position&controller=search&orderway=desc&search_query=poldina

Short of charging?

Using the HUB charger with 40 micro USB ports you won't be without light. Characterized by optimized charge management, it can simultaneously charge a lot of battery-powered lamps by connecting them via their USB ports:https://www.diffusioneshop.com/caricatore-hub-40-porte-per-caricabatterie-usb-qc-5v-30a-con-riconoscimento-intelligente/?search_query=poldina&results=26

The smart solution for restaurants, hotels or commercial activities to recharge and use Poldina and all the most popular rechargeable lamps on available on the market. We wrote about them here:https://www.diffusioneshop.com/it/blog/la-candela-dei-giorni-nostri-n25

Written by Sara Sabia

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