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Nature is able to give us incredible wonders, and it's from the observation of nature itself and of its perfect symmetries that the design of the PH Artichoke lamp was born. An explosion of 72 leaves along 12 rings, inspired by the vegetal world. The ceiling light produced by Louis Poulsen establishes unexpected links between an "artichoke", from which the lamp takes its name, and a design object. Between nature and art. We can say that an"artichoke" has never been so fascinating. A product with a unique and timeless design.

Designed by the Danish architect Poul Henningsen in 1958 and produced by Louis Poulsen, the Artichoke lamp is still today an icon of lighting and interior design.

Its unique design allows you to appreciate it from any point of view, without ever seeing its central direct light. The result is a diffused and natural light, which makes this ceiling lamp perfect to illuminate your home, your living, your favorite corner. Thus, lighting your PH Artichoke, a dinner with friends or a family reunion becomes an unforgettable experience.

The 2019 is a year of renewal for this Louis Poulsen's iconic product. To celebrate the 125th birthday of its creator, Poul Henningsen, it gets dressed in a new and extremely fashionable color: in fact, only for the year 2019, Artichoke is produced in a new, elegant Copper-Rose finish, which illuminates its copper leaves and enhances its diffused light. And it can be appreciated, like a shining work of art, under any view angle.

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written by Sara Sabia

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