OSRAM LUXeye Sense

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The search for the perfect light pass through the smartphone, not only in our houses but even in our work places. How is it possible? Thanks to the lighting control and management systems that Osram, leading international German company in the electronics and lighting sector, proposes on the market, making simple and intuitive even complex lighting systems such as in offices, conference rooms, classrooms and corridors: we present LUXeye Sense, a series of lighting control devices through the use of presence and ambient light sensors, which integrate the possibility to customize and manage light settings via app on your smartphone, thanks to the connection via bluetooth.

Luxeye Sense in the DALI BT version controls lighting by an integrated light and presence sensor and a DALI transmission output channel, easily operated via a button, combining convenience with extreme ease of management. In fact, LUXeye Sense regulate the light and its intensity according to the presence of people and of natural light, and thanks to the integration of DALI protocol allows a flexible and highly customizable programming of the lighting scenario, to create the most suited one according to the environment and user needs.

Furthermore, it's possible to modify system presets to adapt them to your needs simply by adjusting the sensor with a screwdriver, by intervening directly on the sensor. Or, in a more technological way, the light settings can also be controlled from your smartphone using the dedicated free app available on app stores.

In this way you can gain a series of incredible advantages: economic and energy saving, efficient and quality lighting exactly where and when it's needed, all in a simple, direct and intuitive way.

The LUXeye Sense DALI BT device can be easily purchased on Diffusione Luce e-shop: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/osram-luxeye-sense-dali-bt-sensore-luminosita-controllo-bluetooth-smartphone-da-incasso/

The Osram LUXeye Sense 10A BT version is also available, with 10 A output relay control for ohmic, inductive and capacitive load: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/osram-luxeye-sense-10a-bt-brightness-sensor-bluetooth-control-smartphone-recessed/

What are you waiting for? Tailor-made lighting is just a click away!

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