Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic

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A lamp like an invisible lantern, a nocturnal animal info the darkness. When Noctambule lamp lights up, it becomes a bright marvel at nightfall.
Created by the German designer Konstantin Grcic, an icon in contemporary design, Noctambule series is a new arrival in the field of lighting design, presented by FLOS during the last Milan Design Week, an evocative collection made by blown glass lamps with which it’s possible to create different combinations. The basic unit of this new FLOS is a cylindrical module made of transparent glass and die-cast aluminum, a luminous lantern that can be put together with other modules to shape light columns up to 3.2 meters high. It’s even possible to complete the design of this modular lamp by choosing semi-spherical or conical end modules, for an even more unexpected effect. This modularity, combined with the LED strip technology which is integrated in the joints between the modules, create an incredible product, both in the floor and suspended variations. Moreover, the dimmable power supply allows you to set light intensity, getting from Noctambule the light which best meets our needs and our mood.

Invisible transparencies for this "nocturnal animal", which appears at nightfall and then vanishes in the morning light: a lamp that is not just a lamp, but a luminous object that, with its invisible presence, catalyses our attention towards its soft lines. This is its secret: the material disappears, the light illuminates and gently emphasizes the contours, draws the lines, and when the light turns out, the ephemeral presence of the envelope remains hidden in the dim light, just like a nocturnal animal that waits in the dark. Under the natural light of the day, Noctambule reveals itself, inactive, but no less fascinating: its strong impact design makes Noctambule a series of evocative and characterized lamps. The transparent material of Noctambule modules gives this lamp the invisibility in daylight and in the shadows of the night, meanwhile the integrated LEDs illuminate it with a warm, discreet light, revealing its whole beauty.

Written by Sara Sabia

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