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The atoll that everyone dreams of is not only a wonderful coral island in the middle of the ocean, but a jewel of geometric perfection that lights the space with metallic reflections, a wonder of just over half a meter high.

We are talking about Atollo, a lamp that is not just a lamp, it is a myth, an icon, which has become the archetype of table lamps over the decades, which demonstrates how a design product of common use but with extraordinary features can become a symbol in people's daily lives, well known and recognized by all.

Designed in 1977 by Vico Magistretti for the italian design company Oluce, Atollo finds its consecration in 1979 when it wins the prize “Compasso d'Oro”, revolutionizing the way of imagining the classic table lamp. Since then it has become part of permanent collections of the major design museums, but it also has entered homes as an inimitable piece of furniture, and it has been loved and has become iconic.

Its secret? The sculptural purity of its geometric shapes: the cylinder, the cone, the hemisphere - placed one above the other in a construction so simple yet so strong, so communicative, a luminous sculpture to which nothing can be take off, nothing can be added. And, for this reason, it’s impossible to imitate.

Its direct light, decisive but delicate as its forms, illuminates the tables of generations of people and never goes out of fashion, remaining a timeless symbol.

Today we present Atollo (already known in the finishes gold, white/black metal and opal glass), in its brand new "Bronze" version, available in three different sizes.

All three models are made of aluminum with galvanized satin bronze finish, and equipped with a switch with integrated dimmer, to adjust light intensity according to our needs.

Atollo 233 is the highest version, the big sister of this extraordinary table lamp collection produced by Oluce, the most historic Italian design company born in 1945: from the "top" of its 70 cm and thanks to the two 100W lamp holders each, it will illuminate your room with elegance like no other.

Follows the Atollo 239 (50 cm high and two 70W lamp holders), and closes the collection the small Atollo 238, a jewel of only 35 cm high, with the two 40W lamp holders which make light. ….and what a light!

 You just have to choose your favorite Atollo ... and if it’s really impossible to choose, you can find them all on Diffusione Luce e-shop:

Atollo 233 (h 70) -

Atollo 239 (h 50) -

Atollo 238 (h 35) -

Written by Sara Sabia

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