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We have been impressed by the beautiful rechargeable table lamps by AI LATI Zafferano, small jewels that illuminate our indoor and outdoor spaces. The Italian lighting design firm, which is innovating the LED lighting market, doesn’t stop here, with the aim of making its small and efficient masterpieces even more portable and smarter: we are talking about the already famous POLDINA, presented in the new MINI version, and the brand-new DAMA, a futuristic LED table lamp with innovative features.

POLDINA, of which we had already described the incredible design, in the MINI version is even smaller, but always super efficient. From the "height" of its 30 cm, which makes it even more versatile and portable, Poldina Mini table lamp is easily rechargeable via USB like its big sister, it has a 154 lumens LED source, characterised by a warm light (color temperature 2700K) and  dimmable intensity via the power button. Comfortable, elegant, efficient. The aesthetic research in the sapient use of colors and materials, together with the high lighting performance, make this little jewel a concentrate of efficiency and beauty. All this in a very small size, even more portable, enclosing maximum visual comfort and maximum versatility of use in the minimum size.

Made of painted aluminum for the body and polycarbonate for the diffuser, the entire Poldina collection is characterized by IP54 protection degree, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in 3 elegant colors (white, black/dark gray and corten), it’s ideal placed on tables of commercial activities, bars, restaurants, hotels and b&bs, but also to make warmer our homes with a touch of soft and delicate light , illuminating a corner of the living room, the entrance, or on the bedside table. Moreover, the battery life is guaranteed for more than 9 hours, with the possibility of recharging it in a practical and fast way through the included power supply, the phone charger or through standard micro usb.

Always with you, wherever you want, with the maximum portability and can bring it even in your bag! And with the micro-USB charger included in the purchase, you will never be short of light.

You will find Poldina Mini on Diffusione Luce e-shop, in the white, black or corten version: 


And then there's DAMA, a small table lamp that enchants and amazes with its incredible design.

Dama is among the new 2019 products by AI LATI Zafferano within the new collection of portable and rechargeable battery lamps with LED light.

As its colleague Poldina, DAMA holds enormous potential in a very small size, taking up minimal space. What is its secret? Only 29 cm high and made of aluminum, it’s light and manageable, ideal in any environment and for every situation, thanks also to the IP54 protection degree which makes it suitable for illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces, and for commercial activities, restaurants and bars, or for our domestic spaces. Its warm LED light (2700 K) is adjustable and dimmable thanks to the touch button placed on the top of the lamp. Its super battery also has a maximum duration of 9 hours, and is easily rechargeable via USB port placed on the base. And for those who are never satisfied, the beautiful Dama is also available in the version with double USB port, one placed on the base and the other on the side, which you can use to recharge your mobile devices.

These incredible features are combined in a unique and innovative design. Like a flying saucer landed on the tip of a cone, it will enter to illuminate your spaces, with elegance and efficiency, occupying the minimum space.

You can find Dama on our e-commerce, available in the two colors white or black, both in version with single and double USB port, and Charger with micro-USB included in the purchase:


Let yourself be amazed by Poldina Mini and Dama, and you won't be able to live without them anymore!

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Written by Sara Sabia

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