Light for Christmas 2018

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Like every Christmas, new lighting is introduced on the lighting market for natalize decorative lights, for indoor and outdoor applications. New lamps in particular offers us some light copper wires that can be folded and adapted to your needs. The copper Christmas wires can be used to decorate anything from a single glass to a Christmas tree as they are battery powered and can be placed anywhere in the house. The light wires are available in two lengths 6.5 meters (1.4w of power) and 33 meters (3.6w of power) in cold color and warm color, have a degree of protection IP44 and are equipped with battery box 1.5 AA not included. With the controller included in the package it is possible to turn off the LEDs, adjust and set up lighting games. Along with these novelties are available in prompt delivery of light chains natalize, led spotlights with images moving snowflakes, reindeer lights, decorative lights. You can view the products by following this link:

Some applications:

fili luminosi in rame

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