Mayday lamp and Luminator by Flos

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Mayday is a minimalist design lamp, conceived and created by Konstantin Grcic for Flos, one of the most important and famous lighting companies in the world.

Konstantin Grcic is an industrial designer and for this particular creation, he is inspired by safety lamps, hence the name. In fact Mayday was a term used to ask for help during war and it’s aims to:

“Being able to be useful whenever you need light”.

In addition to the unusual name, Mayday is also special in use. It is in fact a multipurpose lamp suitable for both indoor and outdoor setting, it can be placed on a table, placed on the ground, hung and suspended. Thanks to the practical handle, it can also respond to the function of a cable reel.

Somehow Grcic has designed an object that is all these things together, overcoming any typological definition. An idea with a thousand uses, therefore, to be adapted and moved according to your needs and requirements.

Mayday Specifics

Grcic wanted Mayday to last over time and he succeeded thanks to the use of injection-molded opal polypropylene, since it guarantees high resistance.

The colored suspension hook is also in polypropylene and is available in the orange, black and lilac version. As for the power button, this is positioned on the hook-handle, which is the element that determines the flexibility of the project, as well as the 5 meter long electric cable.
Mayday is therefore a lamp with an apparent simplicity but incredibly versatile, and for these very characteristics it was awarded in 2001 with the Compasso d'Oro ADI, the most prestigious award in the world of design.

To celebrate 20 years since its marketing, Flos has created a special edition that includes 2,020 numbered pieces, with unique packaging and the aluminum hook-handle, which reinforces the industrial character of the famous portable lamp.

A real collector's item that celebrates the pragmatism, simplicity and elegance of one of the contemporary masters of design, not to be missed.

In 2022 a new outdoor version was also created in black, monstarda yellow and green leaf and will be available from May. Don't miss it!

Luminator, Flos

The Luminator floor lamp is a cool and trendy piece of furniture and lighting, designed by the Italian designer brothers Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, for Flos.

Just think that Luminator also won the prestigious international Compasso d'Oro award in 1955 for its original design. It consists of an iron stem and a tapered cylinder, culminating in a bulb and diffuser that project indirect ambient light.

Glossy painted in anthracite, it has now been revived with a brand new pop palette: yellow, red, white and lite blue. It is a lamp with simple and essential lines, able to give elegance to setting and make them trendy.

Luminator is also made with cutting-edge techniques and contains all the experience and passion of Flos. It then lends itself to furnishing domestic or professional settings, characterizing them with its sober elegance. It gives vitality to the space and embellishes it, in fact, despite being invented in 1954, it always manages to be modern and never go out of fashion.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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