Luce Orizzontale, Flos

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Luce Orizzontale by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Flos, is a fine and elegant suspension lamp, which combines high technological performance with refinement.

Luce Orizzontale

It is in fact a composite interlocking modular structure of tubular elements of thick glass, minimally suspended from the ceiling.

As the quality of the structure also the versatility is another important aspect of Luce Orizzontale and in fact you can choose between a modular configuration of 8, 10 or 12 fused glass tubes so as to adapt to any setting and context.

As regards the production of these tubular elements, it should be emphasized that the glass cylinders are supported by a polished aluminum bar, while the LED light sources are inserted in and can be dimmed through a system located at one end of the bar.

In fact, with Luce Orizzontale you can turn the light on and off, adjust the intensity and separately control the upper and lower light so as to adapt the brightness according to the context.

All this can then be done using the direct touch control, the position on the side of the luminaire, the Push DIM control system or the DALI control system. In a few clicks you can then completely control the lighting of a room, a bistrot or a restaurant.

It is precisely from its innovative features that it is clear that Luce Orizzontale is a poetic but technical lamp, a functional light but with a refined design, which embraces technical complexity and transform into elegance and modernity.

"It's not technical glass", explain Ronan & Erwan Bour - oullec, "but an iridescent material, almost alive, with aluminum extrusions inserted through it. The result we wanted to achieve was accurate, but also fluctuating and vibrant."

In fact, this lamp was born from the creativity and ambition of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in collaboration with Flos, one of the most famous and important Italian companies in the world.

For Flos, sustainability has always played an important role in the creation of each lamp and Luce Orizzontale is no exception.

In fact, the lamp can be completely disassembled without tools considering also that every single component is designed to be easily replaceable in case of need. No screws or glues were used, making it easy to disassemble. As for the various components, they can all be recycled.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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