Limited Edition PH 2/1 Table lamp

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This is a classic from the 1920s which has become an icon, a lamp with a timeless charm passing through decades until today. What are we talking about? The main character is Louis Poulsen and his renowned PH 2/1, the smallest of the PH seriesdesigned for Poulsen in 1927 by the Swedish architect Poul Henningsengiving life to the famous table lamp which doesn’t stop renewing itself, despite its 93 years behind. 

We’re launching this Limited Edition in Fall 2020, with a renewed and shining look for its three distinctive lampshades, presented in amber-colored glass version, characterised by a delicate and very elegant touch.

The fixture maintains the original lighting principle based on a reflecting multi-shade system, emitting a glare-free, downward directed light, while radiating a pleasantly delicate glow. The design of the reflective screens, studied by Poul Henningsen for the original project of the 1927, is based on a logarithmic spiral that places the light source in the center, at the focal point of the spiral, to create a soft, diffused and free lighting. of glare. It is like witnessing the delicate opening of the corolla of a bright flower, with an extraordinary charm.

The amber tone and glossy surface on the outside of the shades of PH 2/1 Limited Edition, in combination with the sandblasted matt underside, contributes even more to give a soft and diffuse light distribution.

This new exclusive color not only represents a distinctive design element but also gives a warm and relaxing atmosphere to any space, from home settings to retail spaces. We just have to switch on the new amber version of PH 2/1 and place it on a coffee table or on a desk to have the perception of being in a welcoming, intimate, extremely suggestive space.

The three glass screens are placed on the elegant brushed brass stem and base, with references to the original PH table lamp of 1927. The uncoated brass is going to acquire a characteristic natural patina over time and this coating will make it unique and sophisticated. The switch is positioned on the stem close to the base, next to the textile cable that completes the design of the lamp. To complete the design of this outstanding limited edition lamp, the initials of the author’s name Poul Henningsen are elegantly engraved under the lower glass screen.

Thanks to its compact dimensions (only 35.5cm high and a maximum diameter of 20cm), the PH 2/1 can be placed anywhere, making the most of space and adapting to ever-changing lifestyles. Made of classic and refined materials, but with a touch of modernity typical of Louis Poulsen, this table lamp dialogues with contemporary trends, seeking maximum functionality without forgetting elegance of shapes and materials.

Fall in love with the exclusive design of the PH 2/1 in Limited Edition, a little masterpiece with unique lighting characteristics, which makes it an extremely elegant piece of furniture. As usual, you can find it on Diffusione Luce e-shop complete with custom packaging including a fantastic Louis Pouslen branded bag for this special occasion!

Written by Sara Sabia

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