Lighting control: DALI and DMX system

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Having healthy and efficient lighting is now a prerogative, so as to improve productivity, the degree of tiredness and your performance and through lighting control you get all this!

What is lighting control?

It is a management that allows you to control the lighting devices, adjusting the intensity of the light, as well as the color temperature, to adapt it to each specific time of day. In addition to thus obtaining an ideal atmosphere for every moment, you can control the switching on and off by setting a preset time, also gaining in terms of energy savings. Another way to achieve energy savings is to use LED lamps. These allow intense lighting while consuming a few watts of energy and guarantee a significantly longer life than traditional lamps.

What elements are needed to control the lighting?

In order to use the lighting control, you need to have some control systems such as:

- DALI system

- DMX system

The DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface) is a standard and automated system that allows you to manage home lighting. With DALI it is possible to control the switching on and off of the various light points from a control unit, even remotely. By its nature, however, this system is not able to manage particularly dynamic lighting effects.

When you want greater speed in the execution of light effects, DMX comes into play. With this more sophisticated technology, various plays of light and chromotherapy effects can be obtained. In this case, the home automation system allows you to adjust the speed of the color change of the lights and their intensity.

How does the lighting control work?

The lighting control works through these home automation systems mentioned above. There is a communication between various elements that allows the adjustment of the lighting system. In fact, unlike traditional switches that only allow the switching on and off of the luminaires, lighting control can be carried out both by physical switches and by different devices such as smartphones or tablets that allow you to adjust and change the degree of illumination.

When to use lighting control systems?

Lighting control is available for use in homes, but can also be incorporated into buildings, offices or public buildings. In the latter case, lighting control is very useful, as these spaces may need different intensities. This means that the lighting must be adapted based on the context and it is much more practical and convenient to do so by controlling the lighting.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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