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Light and air. Two very important elements in our lives, not always easy to balance in order to get the ideal comfort conditions in our houses.

For this reason, when design meets these two elements, they create  together a wonderful and useful object.

It's what happens in Propeller, the ceiling fan with integrated light produced by Serien Lighting, born in 2006 from an idea by the German designer Yaacov Kaufman and winner of several national awards.

Serien Propeller goes beyond the idea of ​​the traditional ceiling fan becoming a design object, chracterized by a delicate but "sculptural"design, extremely efficient and silent.

Light as air, thanks to the cover made i  a lightweight, elastic and washable fabric, stretched over a thin brushed aluminum structure.

Bright, thanks to the light that illuminates it from inside, and makes it look like an evocative animated sculpture. A diffused light, which gently filters through the fibers of the fabric, giving a suggestion that you don't expect.

Whatever is the light source chosen to light the fan, LED or ECO-halogen, its intensity will be adjustable thanks to the dimmering function, which allows you to choose the light you want. And even the air you want: the speed of the fan is changeable thanks to the presente of a motor with 6 different speeds selectable by remote control, which in addition to adjusting the speed and the light intensity also allows to switch the sense of rotation. In this way, in summer you will keep your house fresh and pleasant, while in winter, inverting  the direction of rotation will help keep the warmth down below in the room, contributing to thermal comfort even in the cold season.

Always with refinement and lightness.

Choose the best combination of light and air for your house, choose Serien Propeller. You can find it on Diffusione Luce e-shop:

Written by Sara Sabia

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