Light Bell by Flos

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Light Bell by Flos, the simplicity and elegance of a made in Italy industrial style. Just a few words to define the design of this extraordinary product by Flos, which once again brings to the market a lamp that is not a "simple lamp", as usual for Flos style.

Designed by the Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, Light Bell manages to combine charm and sobriety...and it perfectly fits everywhere: suspended on the kitchen top, on the table lighting a special dinner, in the living room to characterize a particular area, in the corridor to enlight your steps. 

Here is a practical demonstration of the assembly:

And not only at home,it's ideal as a modern design solution to be used in lighting project of bars, cafes and restaurants, for top quality interior spaces.

Thanks to the high color rendering index and warm white color temperature, the latest generation LED source of this suspended luminaire is able to light your space in a natural and efficient way. In fact, thanks to the high energy performance of its LED source and the low loss technical thermoplastic diffuser, it's an "environmentally friendly" luminaire. 

Combined with these performance products, the reflector is made in aluminum, proposed in different finishes, both internal and external, from the pure white matched with anodised aluminum to the elegant black combined with copper or gold gold finishes, and in addition a version made in transparent, ultra light glass.

Charm, sobriety, functionality,three words to characterized  a lamp with an extraordinary aesthetic and performance quality, combined with the power of a brand that always marks the made in Italy lighting design market.

Here you can find the Light Bell bell for sale on our site:

Written by Sara Sabia

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