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If you are looking for a charming, harmonious lighting with an innovative design, the Laser Blade is what you are looking for! This is a lighting fixture made by iGuzzini, a company founded in 1959 and which you will no longer be able to do without, thanks to the perfect synthesis of materials.

But let's take a step back, iGuzzini is a leading international group in the architectural lighting sector, whose main goal is to devote itself to the study, design and production of intelligent lighting systems for interiors and exteriors.

In fact, the Laser Blade is a prime example! It is a miniaturized rectangular recessed system, available in different sizes and relative optical elements with LED sources and thanks to its characteristics, this laser has revolutionized the concept of downlight, giving way to a new style of lighting.

Features Laser Blade

The Laser Blade, as mentioned above, has a high definition miniaturized optic, thus becoming much more comfortable from a visual point of view. In fact, by not using the physical principle of the point source, it was possible to generate an emission of circular and defined light, limiting glare.
In this way, you will no longer need rigid schemes and on the contrary, this particular feature allows for extensive customization.

The main body of the Laser Blade therefore has a radiant surface in die-cast aluminum and high-definition optics in metallized thermoplastic, integrated in a rear position in the black anti-glare screen.

Furthermore, the Tunable White technology of the Laser Blade allows a perfect transmission of white light, thanks also to the fact that all the cells are always at 100% flux or, in the case of dimming, they all change in the same proportion.

Study and research are used precisely for this, to offer always a better product, for any color temperature required, making the Laser Blade innovative, functional and versatile.

Thanks to the use of the new optic called Opti Diamond, it is possible to optimize the reflector principle, with the result of an extraordinary brilliance, like that of a diamond. Creativity and ingenuity can be seen precisely from these details, which is why we are very happy to collaborate with iGuzzini, a leading and avant-garde company in lighting.

Finally, the Laser Blade is available in different colors and in different shapes, making it even more versatile, practical and suitable for any setting.

Types and uses of the Laser Blade

This powerful and innovative Laser Blade is generally installed recessed on false ceilings and for this reason it is ideal when you need to illuminate large spaces, rooms and galleries, but also longer and narrower spaces, such as corridors or passageways.

Thanks to the different versions of the Laser Blade, finding the one that best suits your needs will be even easier! In fact we find the Laser blade high contrast, the Laser blade oval, the Laser blade space, the Laser blade wall washer LGC, the Laser blade wall washer, the Laser blade general lighting pro, the Laser blade general lighting, the Laser blade adjustable and the Laser blade iN 30 recessed high contrast.

For example, the new version of Laser Blade High contrast with Oval optics is particularly suitable for lighting mostly long and narrow spaces, such as corridors or passageways. In fact, the new oval or elliptical distribution allows maximum application and installation flexibility.

Don't miss the Laser Blade lighting in its various colours and size! You will find everything, as always, on our online shop!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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