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Efficient, minimal, invisible. Without going unnoticed.
This is the secret formula that makes Laser Blade multiple spotlight a successful product in lighting design, which has literally revolutionized the concept of downlight with the use of advanced technologies in the maximum level of miniaturization.

LED spotlights of this lamp are characterized by a miniaturized optic with high visual comfort, generating a perfectly homogeneous circular light distribution with controlled glare emission and avoiding the "point source" effect, thanks to the particular structure of its optical system .

A light selectable between the different warm shades (3000 Kelvin) or neutral (4000K) and high color rendering (CRI90), an invisible light source, a product designed to integrate perfectly into architecture.

The installation is into the ceiling, with two mounting versions: the Frame version with a thin perimeter frame, and the Minimal version with flush ceiling mounting, where camouflage inside the ceiling is almost complete.

It's also possible to choose between various versions of Laser Blade depending on the required application such as XS, XL, L, Wall Washer, Adjustable, Hight Contrast, etc. and of the luminous necessity of your spaces, from 1 to 15 LED elements, mounted in a single body to have the right light intensity in every single room.
And if you are uncertain, buy them all! Break the patterns, take advantage of the customization offered by these tiny, bright jewels by iGuzzini characterized by the minimal visual impact.

All these features make the Laser Blade spotlights particularly suitable for lighting spaces dedicated to the Hospitality and Retail sectors, so attention can be completely dedicated to what is illuminated, without shadows, generating spaces where visual comfort is incredible.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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