Klik Klak mini

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Klik Klak is a brand new system conceived and designed by Logica, a brand created by Marino Cristal founded in the Republic of San Marino.

Klik Klak mini

The Klik Klk system is a magnetic track lighting system that is arranged in a minimal way in the spaces.
Once the track has been installed, spotlights, led profiles and adjustable led projectors can be inserted through a magnetic fixing at any point. The lighting can then have a fixed point source or adjustable up to systems with diffused light.

As if that were not enough, thanks to its accessories it is possible to create linear or angular compositions, so as to make the lighting even more homogeneous.

The Klik Klak system is therefore ideal for lighting halls, clubs and shops thanks to its contemporary and elegant style. In fact, it can be perfectly suited to any context, both domestic and contract, making integrated light part of the design.

In terms of types, it makes it even more versatile and is available in different types of flush-mounted, ceiling and suspended installation. Speaking instead of its specifics, the structure is compact and space-saving, made of extruded with connector and end caps included.

For Logica, in fact, quality is the basis of the products, as well as durability, processes and technologies used. In fact, to reduce its environmental impact, it is increasingly important to choose the right processes, to ensure that they are more sustainable.

To ensure that the Klik system, any Klak system adapts to a setting is available in white or black.

The mini version, the latest made by Logica, is even more practical and compact. Space is gained but the stability and efficiency of the track remains unchanged, as well as the degree of lighting that can be inserted. In this way you can enhance your spaces, illuminating them at their best and leaving the setting linear and clean.

Come and discover this new Klik Klak mini system on our Diffusone Luce website.

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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