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The balanced combination of lighting needs, practicality and quality is not so easy to reach... but the perfect solution, which combines design, functionality, versatility and lighting comfort, exists! It's the magnetic track, a luminous tape structured but not immobile, integrated symbiotically with the space and home furnishings, in a perfect harmony. A lighting system consisting of a series of magnetic lights mounted on a track structure installed on the ceiling. The proposal by Logica to reach all these characteristics is Klik Klak, the ultra-modern magnetic track lighting system, the ideal solution to illuminate both large and small spaces with extreme versatility. 

The hidden structure is in extruded aluminum, white or black, which fits into the spaces in a very minimal manner: the recessed body of the track disappears into the surface of the false ceiling, revealing itself only as an elegant cut on the surface, leaving the scene to the lighting fixtures that can be integrated into the system: from the classic spotlights, fixed or adjustable, to elegant suspended lights, up to the linear recessed profiles that create luminous cuts. 

The magnetic track is equipped with innovative technical features to allow a high degree of customization and ease of installation, thanks to the possibility of choosing the type of lighting fixture and creating lighting modules, even mixed ones, alternating and mixing the different types of light units, all magnetic and very practical. The lighting bodies can be removed and changed with extreme ease or simply repositioned to adapt to every need, not only practical but also stylistic, with the maximum compositive freedom. 

Contemporary and highly performing, Klik Klak fits both in living spaces and in commercial ones, to satisfy all those needs of having free spaces and minimum visual obstructions, making light an integral part of its design. The freedom of composition is incredible .... and not just in a straight line! The track system in fact allows you to build 90° angles to perfectly follow the perimeter of the room, or even go down along the walls to create a ceiling-wall system ... and thus illuminate every space in a discreet, original and extremely refined way.

The protagonists of this system are unquestionably LEDs, which combine maximum visual comfort to an optimization of energy consumption, an excellent choice also from the point of view of the energy containment.

Where to best use the Klik Klak track?

Wherever you want! At home it’s ideal in the living area and in the kitchen, but also for enhance the bathroom; in an office it’s the best to obtain a light directed on the workstations; in commercial spaces it’s perfect for exhibit purposes without be invasive. 

Thanks to the variety of combinations and the freedom of composition that the Klik Klak system can offer, it will be like experiencing every space of your home every time under a different light.

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