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Osram ORCA LED 51W Damp-Proof ceiling light with 5900 lumen is a must-have among lighting fixtures for industrial spaces, ideal to light large surfaces, dust and water proof thanks to IP65 protection rating. A choice that goes beyond conventional solutions, beyond the simple compliance to the specific standards: today the tendency is to look for technologically advanced and energy-efficient lighting solutions, which follow modern sustainability requirements and respond to the specific needs of every application, but which are also "user-friendly", satisfying high levels of comfort and ensuring ease of use and management.

The German company Osram, conscious of the benefits offered by a high quality lighting, with ORCA presents a lamp characterized by a slim and minimal design, ceiling mounting system with stainless steel chains, structure made of gray polycarbonate, opal polycarbonate diffuser and high efficiency LED diffused light.

Even in this case the key-words are:

  •  comfort, through a high quality light source;
  •  performance, through a high efficiency plant;
  •  safety, through a highly technological lighting system.

All these goals can be achieved thanks to the LEDs characterised by a color temperature of 4000K and an excellent color rendering index (CRI 80), that ensure a high quality light, ideal for lighting work environments without forgetting efficiency and energy saving, durability and functionality.

The result is a lamp designed to respond to the particular environmental conditions of industrial spaces, from warehouses to logistics centers, from halls to traffic areas. The common factor of all these spaces are the working people, which is why the primary goals must be their well-being and their work performance. The achievement of these goals measures the success of lighting.

Osram ORCA offers the best light, for any application, in the best conditions of comfort and safety.

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 Written by Sara Sabia


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