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Lamps and furnishing elements have long ceased to perform exclusively their function, to become true works of art. In fact, in recent years the world of lighting design and furniture has embraced creativity and innovation, giving life to a vast range of lamps and elements with the most extravagant shapes and colours.

Among these, the animal lamps and furnishing elements produced by companies such as Qeeboo, Slide and Karman stand out. These unique pieces, inspired by creatures from the animal kingdom or reinterpreted in a fantastic way, add a touch of magic and originality to a room, a hall or the walls of a restaurant.

Why choose a lamp or an animal element

Creativity and originality: the animal character goes outside the traditional mold and represents a creative way to illuminate and decorate an internal context. They are an intriguing alternative to classic table lamps or classic dust-catching objects.

Decoration and focal point: lamps and elements of this type can serve as distinctive decorative points. They add personality to any room and often become the focus of the decor, attracting attention and sparking interesting conversations.

Versatility: despite their unusual shape, many of these items are incredibly versatile in terms of placement and style. They can adapt to a variety of contexts, from modern to traditional.

Uniqueness and art: many of these lamps and objects are true works of art. By purchasing them, you are enhancing your interior setting with a unique piece, often made by renowned designers. Therefore, if you love creativity, extravagance and the surprise effect, investing in animal elements will only satisfy this passion of yours.

Giraffes in love by Qeeboo

Let's begin our journey to discover lamps and animal elements with an iconic Qeeboo creation: the Giraffe in love. This lamp is a product born from the collaboration between the artist/designer Marcantonio and Qeeboo. This lamp is a dreamy giraffe holding a classic Marie-Thérèse style chandelier and represents irony, liveliness and lightness.

It represents the beauty in the union between nature and man, where nature retains its animal characteristics but is enriched by a human creation, namely the lamp. Without tricks, without hiding the artifice but combining two elements that are so different but not impossible to bring together in a purely natural and simple way. This fun but chic work of design is characterized by materials such as polyethylene and glass for the structure and polycarbonate and glass for the chandelier that the cute giraffe holds hanging in its mouth. Body colors are available in black or white.

Slide Bunny

From the creative imagination of the great Japanese artist Aki Kuroda, and from the collaboration with the Yoyo Maeght gallery, the Bunny sculpture was born. The work, created in a limited number, to coincide with the advent of the Chinese year of the Rabbit, becomes a design object: the smaller Bunny version and the larger Cosmo Bunny version, are the perfect synthesis between artistic sculpture, for their unmistakable shape and industrial production.

Big ears and a dazed look, with his silhouette Bunny fills the rooms with his adorable charisma. Finally, Bunny is suitable for indoor and outdoor settings and is available in different sizes and colours.

Turtle Qeeboo

Qeeboo is enriched with another magical character designed by Marcantonio: Turtle Carry Lamp, a friendly turtle whose carapace acts as a support for a luminous sphere, inspired by the natural world and its bizarre manifestations, artfully designed to bring sophisticated irony.

Even in this creation the light is not the turtle, but it is the turtle that brings the light, leaving nature unchanged but reuniting it in a peaceful and non-invasive relationship with man. Turtle Carry Lamp carries the light ball and illuminates every corner of your room effortlessly, creating a wow factor and adding a stunning touch to your decor or outdoor spaces.

Amsterdam Karman

Finally, we discover Amsterdam, a wall lamp that joins the animalistic collection by designer Matteo Ugolini for Karman. Provocative and original, the sculpture represents a bulldog who has torn the fabric cables that hold the lamp holders. Its structure is then entirely in white or gray ceramic.

Its three sources instead emit diffused light which will illuminate contrary to the bulldog's gaze, in a soft and relaxing way. As regards its location, Amsterdam can find its decorative space in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, next to mirrors, furniture and shelves. Obviously not only in residential but also hospitality context with a modern and playful style. And also in bars, clubs and bistros with a design in step with the times, which recall large cities such as the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

In conclusion, the lamps and animal elements produced by companies such as Qeeboo, Slide and Karman are an example of how lighting design and furniture elements can be bold, creative and unique. These objects not only perform their function, but are true works of art that add personality and style to any setting.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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