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Once again FLOS is able to go beyond all our expectations and to amaze us presenting at Euroluce 2019 two of its iconic lamps that break the borderline between outdoor and interior. spaces. The transition from indoor to outdoor in our homes is ever more fluid, and FLOS accompanies this step proposing a completely new outdoor vocation for two of its masterpieces: Captain Flint and IC Light, created by the Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades in 2014 and 2015, can now illuminate gardens, patios and terraces with magic, thanks to their innovative outdoor look.

And they do not only illuminate, but create an atmosphere, lead us through a narrative journey telling a story, of which we are the protagonists. Not just functional lamps characterized by an incredible aesthetic value and advanced smart technologies, but authentic lighting projects that create poetry and emotions.

The essentiality of the design is not a real exercise of style, but a way to enhance the emotional and narrative potential of these light masterpieces.

IC light and Captain Flint tell a delicate story, made of opal colors, essential lines, bright metals and precious stones placed in the fascinating base of the lamp, such as the imperial travertine, black and gray lava and the highly refined partridge eye.

The IC Light sphere made in opaline glass leans lightly on a thin metal rod, like an acrobat balancing on a wire, making us dream with its ethereal light. This extraordinary, available in the F1 and F2 models, different for the height of the stem, width of the base and diameter of the diffuser, almost seems to challenge the laws of physics, always with the elegance that distinguishes it.

Instead, the Captain Flint floor lamp transports us into suggestive atmospheres guiding us with its light enclosed in a metal cone with an opaline polycarbonate diffuser, delicately suspended on a thin metal rod that supports and enhances it. The cone can be oriented according to your need, upwards for diffuse lighting or downwards as reading spot light, ideal for getting carried away by the pages of your favorite book.

The protagonists of these two stories told us by Flos are the essential design of geometric shapes, the elegance of the lines drawn by the metal rods, the meticulous attention to detail, the sensuality of precious materials, the ethereal lightness of light.

Not just simple lamps, but authentic sensorial experiences. Fairy-tales of light that now also move outside thanks to the new outdoor look of these lamps, in a "narrative movement" between inside and outside, between interior environments and open spaces.

Be the protagonist of your story! Kindle your imagination with the new Flos outdoor lamps, find them on Diffusione Luce e-shop:

FLOS IC F1: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-ic-f1-outdoor-floor-lamp-garden-by-michael-anastassiades/

FLOS IC F2: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-ic-f2-outdoor-floor-lamp-garden-by-michael-anastassiades/

FLOS Captain Flint: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-captain-flint-outdoor-led-floor-lamp-garden-by-michael-anastassiades/

Written by Sara Sabia

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