How to reposition the touch dimmer of the Poldina lamp by Zafferano

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Zafferano's Poldina lamps are known for their elegant design and innovative technology, including the touch dimmer that allows you to easily adjust the light intensity. However, sometimes it may happen that the touch dimmer moves from the central axis due to accidental impacts, making it difficult or impossible to control the switching on, off or dimming of the lamp.

In this article, we will therefore explain how to reposition and align the touch dimmer of the Poldina lamp to restore its functionality.

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How to reposition the touch dimmer of the Zafferano Poldina

1. Turn off the lamp

Before starting any work on the lamp, it is essential to ensure that it is completely turned off to avoid the risk of electric shock.

2. Inspect the touch dimmer

Examine the touch dimmer carefully for any damage or signs of movement and make sure there are no broken or damaged parts that could affect the functioning of the lamp.

3. Align the touch dimmer

If the touch dimmer has moved from the central axis of the lamp, you need to unscrew all the components of the head and remove them carefully. This way you will have the opportunity to reposition it in its correct position. Simply push the touch dimmer gently towards the central axis to align it correctly.

4. Check if it responds correctly

After aligning the touch dimmer, try touching it to check if the lamp responds correctly, turn the lamp on and off and try to adjust the light intensity. If the lamp responds as expected, you have successfully repositioned the touch dimmer and can proceed to reinsert all the elements and screw the various parts back on.

5. Test again

Now turn the lamp back on and test the touch dimmer to confirm that it is working properly and that the lamp is responding as expected. Be sure to test all features, including dimming, to ensure that the issue has been resolved completely.

However, if you are unable to reposition the touch dimmer or if you encounter persistent problems, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer's technical support for further assistance or possibly replace the damaged component.

Poldina lamp by Zafferano

But now let's talk about this splendid lamp, the Poldina by Zafferano, which combines contemporary design, advanced functionality and practicality of use. The Poldina stands out for its minimalist and clean design, which adapts perfectly to a variety of context and furnishing styles. Its slender shape and clean lines make it a versatile and refined furnishing accessory.

Poldina is also made with high quality materials, such as aluminum and polycarbonate, which is why it is robust and resistant over time. Its solid construction in fact guarantees prolonged durability and good resistance to impacts and daily stress.

Speaking of technology, the lamp is equipped with an LED light source, which offers effective and energy-efficient lighting. LEDs also allow you to obtain quality, uniform and comfortable light, while reducing energy consumption and the need to frequently replace bulbs.

One of the distinctive features of the Poldina is the integrated touch dimmer that we just talked about, which allows you to easily adjust the light intensity with a simple touch. This functionality also allows you to adapt the brightness of the lamp to different needs and situations, creating personalized and comfortable atmospheres.

Thanks to its rechargeable battery and the lack of cables, the Poldina is portable and can be placed anywhere without having to depend on the presence of electrical sockets. Consequently, this feature makes it ideal for use in outdoor settings, such as gardens, balconies or terraces, as well as for the lighting of interior spaces.

Finally, the Poldina lamp is available in a variety of colors, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your style and aesthetic preferences. From neutral and sober colors to more lively and captivating shades, there is a Poldina for every context.

In summary, the Poldina lamp by Zafferano offers a perfect mix of contemporary aesthetics, advanced technology and practicality of use, making it an excellent choice for those looking for versatile, efficient and elegant lighting for their home or work space.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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