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Funivia is a modern and design lighting system, born from the study, research and creativity of Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Artemide. In fact, this new model wanted to play on the concept of freedom of light in spaces, to give new forms and new concepts to lighting.

Funivia then breaks the existing lighting schemes, leaving the rigidity of the fixed modules and creating new lighting spaces. In this article we will therefore go to understand the technical characteristics of Funiva, why it is so inclusive and why not let it slip away to illuminate your home or contract settings.

Funivia specifics

Funivia is a rail system that can be accessorised and consists of a few but extremely important and significant elements. The key element of Funivia is in fact the cable, thin and minimal, but capable of supporting important mechanical tensions and thermal stresses.
The cable is then the distribution channel of the system's energy and the load-bearing element on which the light elements are connected.

It is in fact fixed either to the ceiling or to the walls through mechanical elements, and, without being cut or interrupted, creates a network of regular, horizontal or vertical lines, thus adapting to the tastes and spaces of each setting. Precisely for this Funivia is inclusive and completely adaptable to any context.

Another very important feature of Funivia is that it is not tied to an electricity grid, consequently it is perfect for any setting, illuminating and decorating domestic and contract spaces, with quality and professionalism. The light elements are then hooked to the cable thanks to a "bridge" element, and can then be adjusted according to need, like a spotlight.

This creates a structure capable of integrating light, intelligence, but also partitions of space, making Funivia a unique, valuable lighting system not to be missed.

Funivia is also equipped with very useful technologies for regulating and controlling the lighting, in fact all the devices can communicate with the Artemide App.

Finally, the cable is available in three different lengths of 5, 10 or 20 meters and in three different colors Black, White or Red. Funivia therefore breaks with every scheme of common lighting systems and focuses on sustainable principles in terms of production, distribution and consumption. It is perfect for commercial places, showrooms, offices and conference rooms, but also for design and modern domestic settings.

What are you waiting for, don't miss this incredible lighting element, discover Funivia on our Light Diffusion website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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