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Great design is expressed even in small objects, which become marvels in miniature. An extraordinary characteristic of Flos, the Italian design firm that continues to produce new ideas making the history of the made in Italy lighting design.

With Last Order table lamp, a jewel designed by the Cypriot (but settled in London) designer Michael Anastassiades, one of the symbols of classical architecture, the column, concentrated in just 14 cm in height and 10 in diameter, is revisited in a modern key, made of innovative materials as crystal and polycarbonate. Last Order represents the new version of the table lamp originally designed for the new Four Seasons restaurant, re-opened in New York in 2018, whose luxury interiors were designed by Sao Paulo architect Isay Weinfeld.

The light source, a new generation LED characterised by an high color rendering (CRI 90), is diffused through the transparent glass base, surmounted by the top cylindrical element available in different finishes, metallic or colored: stainless steel, brass, satin copper, opal green. All versions are characterized by an index of protection IP 55, which guarantees protection from water, but only the stainless steel and green finished versions are specific for outdoor use. As a plus, it's a rechargeable lamp, to gain the maximum portability in a really small size.

Another little jewel by FLOS is the scenographic MAY DAY portable lamp, designed by the German designer Konstantin Grcic in 2000 and winner of the prestigious Compasso d'Oro award in 2001, now presented in the ANNIVERSARY Special edition in a Limited Edition packaging: a special “dress” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this extraordinary lamp, an icon of lighting design, born from the redesign of the model of portable work lamps making it evolve in a more domestic way, with a touch of contemporary irony. MAY DAY is versatile, mobile, adaptable to multiple uses: placed on the floor, on a table or suspended, it can be easily positioned and moved thanks to the practical handle made in injection-molded polypropylene, which also acts as a cable winder, on which it’s located the switch. The light source, halogen or LED, with a dimmable warm light (color temperature 2200-2700 °K), is soft and delicate, emanating through the large conical diffuser in injection-molded opal polypropylene.

The brand new finish presented for this special edition 2020 is a natural gray aluminum color, giving a very modern industrial touch to any interior space, from the living room to the reading corner, from the entrance to the bedroom, as an accent light placed on a table, or on the floor as a scenographic lamp, or suspended on a high ceiling. A lamp that represents design and functionality at the same time, an object to enlight the space but in a very playful, modern and elegant way.

Continuing on the leit-motiv of revisited icons to preserve the dialogue between past and present, FLOS presents in a special edition one of its historical pieces, LAMPADINA, born from the genius of Achille Castiglioni in 1972: a pioneer object of industrial design that uses the shape of the classic light bulb, the size of which is exaggerated and highlighted on the cylindrical support, which is placed on the metal base, which recalls the washers used in the industrial sector. LAMPADINA is a table lamp in which innovation is expressed through to the exaggerated dimensions of the traditional model and the use of modern materials, combined with the introduction of innovative features: the anodized aluminum base acts as rewinder of the electric power cable, the cylindrical lamp holder support houses the switch and is made of bakelite, painted in many new very "pop" Special Edition colors, while the globulox LED bulb is a transparent glass sphere with a satin portion, which allows you to switch from direct light to a more diffused and filtered light, according to specific needs. The small size, the retractable cable and the different finishing colors make LAMPADINA an easily movable and extremely versatile lamp, suitable for illuminating and characterizing any interior space.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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