Flos Infra-Structure Episode 2

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The reinterpretation of an icon is never a simple or banal action. It’s a process: we start from a concept, from a design line, from an object, which for some reason has become a symbol for an era, and we innovate it making it able to go beyond trends over the years, without distorting its original idea.

Who but FLOS, the international ambassador of made in Italy lighting design, could be up to this challenge? The reinterpretation of an icon according to FLOS is exemplified by the 2020 edition of Infra-Structure Episode 2, born from the evolution of the first Infra-Structure collection launched in 2016 and designed for Flos by the Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen. The artist from Antwerp imagined an architectural lighting system with a plastic and modular design, inspired by the visual clarity of the Bauhaus, which combines geometric rigor with technical ingenuity and functional beauty.

This suspended lamp is an authentic luminous infrastructure, not limited only to furnishing and lighting, but it builds itself an idea of ​​innovative design derived from industrial aesthetic, but absolutely up to date and, above all, compatible with modern environments.

Infra-Structure Episode 2 system is in fact based on the concept of modularity, without being banal or limiting. Indeed it offers infinite configurations, starting from the ceiling-mounted vertical tubular structure composed of steel tubes, painted in white or black, to which different types of lighting bodies can be applied. This system generates a sort of three-dimensional grid suspended in the space, from which very creative compositions can be created, suggestive weaves, even at different heights, characterizing any architectural space with a strong stage presence. 

The lighting components applicable to the structure are horizontal linear elements, similar to the structural tubes, and suspended volumes. The tubular horizontal lamps consist of an extremely elegant opal diffuser that creates diffused and atmospheric light, while the pendant elements offer an accent light and a sophisticated decorative touch.

Let's see them in detail:

Luminous tubes:

  • Light Tube - horizontal linear module which can be used to obtain direct and indirect light, a graphic sign that creates rhythm and visual continuity in the overall composition.
  • Light Tube Covered - trapezoidal linear module which protects the eyes from direct light emission by acting as a screen for the opal diffuser of the luminaire and by concentrating the light on the work surface.

Suspended components:

  • Suspension Cone - conical module that provides total shielding of the light source and integrates a special patented optical unit to achieve professional high-contrast spotlighting effects.
  • Suspension Panel - circular panel chracterized by the internal profile features a gold finish that contrasts with the large, highly efficient opal diffuser, guaranteeing high levels of visual comfort.

All these light elements, integrated into the modular structure, are grafted onto the vertical profiles thanks to a simple anchoring system that guarantees 360° mobility. Each lamp can be adjusted and controlled, individually or as a group, using the dedicated FLOS CONTROL by Casambi app which, thanks to Bluetooth connection, allows a total control of the environment.

Thanks to the exclusive design, the innovative technology and the modular concept, Infra-Structure Episode 2 offers unique lighting, customizable ad hoc for any architectural project and in any type of space: thanks to the possibility offered by the system to create different multidirectional geometries placed on various levels, Infra-Structure illuminates with originality both environments developed horizontally, such as a large living room or a corridor which needs to be characterized, and environments with vertical development, such as a space with high ceilings or a spiral staircase, enhancing in this way even service spaces.

By expressing function through shapes, the Infra-Structure lighting system is the perfect example of how "industrial" performance and modular design meet beauty, representing an exercise in elegant composure.

Infra-Structure Episode 2 is going to be a continuous discovery.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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