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The ability to stop time… and illuminate it. To capture that magical moment in which a sphere remains in balance, immobile, elusive, suspended on a wire. It’s in this giving shape to an instant that the extraordinary nature of the IC Lights collection, designed by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS, lies, characterised by a white globe, ethereal like a bright moon, which is delicately landed on a thin stem. An apparently unstable balance, but wisely balanced between the lightness evoked by the opaline globes and the metallic solidity of the bars of the support structure.

Michael Anastassiades' idea for this collection originates from a suggestion, that came to the Cypriot designer while watching a video in which a juggler performed a dynamic number with spheres. Anastassiades, inspired by the movement of the spheres manipulated by the artist, "immobilized" them, stopping them in balance as in a snapshot, giving life to the original design of these lamps, where the white diffuser is suspended.

In all available versions, the IC Lights collection enchants and amazes, and you will never tire of admiring it: as a table lamp, to delicately illuminate a special occasion placed on a coffee table or bedside table in the bedroom; suspended from the ceiling, gently lowering onto the dining table or decorating the home entrance; as a floor lamp, slender and elegant, to give light to your favorite seat in the living room; as a wall or ceiling light, to illuminate even the smallest spaces with discretion.

The luminous spheres, consisting of an opal blown glass diffuser, change size and position along the metal stem, even doubling in the brand new “double” wall / ceiling version. The metal bar is customizable in terms of extension and colors, which are extraordinary as usual: from brushed brass to classic black, from chromed steel to the brand-new burgundy red, a very modern shiny color available for all IC Lights models also for outdoor use.

Many variations, one more beautiful than the other, for a lamp that is able to adapt to any environment, to any need of lighting, sizes and space. A lamp that is not just a lamp, which gives shape to a dreamy inspiration, as usual in the best FLOS tradition.

IC Lights lamps tell a delicate story, made of opal colors, essential lines, luminous metals. Come and discover it, now also available in the wall version with double sphere in two different sizes with diameter 200 mm and 300 mm ''IC C / W1 - W2 DOUBLE'' you can find them on the Diffusione Luce online shop.

Written by Sara Sabia

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