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Provocative, charming, intense.

Guns Collection is a family of lamps born in 2005 from the genius of Philippe Starck and produced by FLOS, italian leader in the international market of lighting design. The Guns series communicates a strong, provocative message, to which we owe the credit of its success and the great resonance it had when it was presented in 2005 and even today. Winner of a lot of awards, exhibited in various museums of design and modern art as a work of art, the Guns Collection is made of lamps that reproduce famous models of firearms diffused in the world between 1900 and 2000, placed on a circular plate on which there’s written the sentence “Happiness Is a Hot Gun”, referring to Beatles’ song “Happiness is a warm gun”.

Philippe Starck’s intent in designing this collection, in many ways contradictory and not so "politically correct", was to underline the close relationship that insists between humans and weapons, by sending a deliberately provocative message of social denunciation and explicit protest against arms market.

«Our life is only worth a cartridge. The Gun Collection is only a sign of the times. We have the symbols we deserve»

(Philippe Starck)

Even the materials and finishes chosen for Guns lamps recall the richness of the arms market, a gold market around which turn huge capital.

The lamp series may seem obtrusive and even 'gaudy' to some but it has much greater meaning than may originally meet the eye.

What you may not know is that 20% off sales from the Gun Collection is donated to charity by Flos. The charity, Frères des Hommes is an organization dedicated to abolishing poverty around the world.

"Why doesn't furniture show that everything is a political choice?

I am a designer and design is my only weapon, so I use it to speak about what I think is important."

 (Philippe Starck)

But the unusual re-use of a weapon as the stem that supports the lampshade transforms an object of offence into a design element, to mean that the responsibility of own use (or rather, improper) of weapons is of the humans who employ them and forges them. Stripped of its primary function, the firearm becomes harmless, enters our homes and decorates them with nerve and refinement, with the intent of arousing at the same time a reaction in society. A message of great impact, for a collection of lamps with an unusual magnetic charm.

Made of die-cast aluminium overmoulded with injection polymer, covered in 18K gold or in the more sober chrome version, all Guns lamps have a plastic-coated diffuser available in two colours (matt black or white) and decorated on the inside with a white, gold or silver screen printed plot.

The latest generation LED lighting system is equipped with an electronic dimmer, thanks to which you can customize and adjust the light intensity.

The collection is composed of three models of lamps, different in terms of type of lighting (direct light or ambient light), and in terms of height and placement: floor, table, or bedside table. In addition, each model is characterized by a different firearm chosen for the stem, to have a lamp unique of its kind.

The Bedside Gun model or the most famous '' Beretta 92 '' made in Italy, the smallest of the Guns family, is a reading lamp ideal to be placed above a nightstand, next to the bed or an armchair, with LED light source (color temperature 2700 or 3000K) equipped with dimmer to adjust the light intensity according to your needs. The perfect bedside light, in just over 40 cm high.

Bedside Gunhttps://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-gun-bedside-table-lamp-shiny-gold-18k/

The second model of the FLOS Guns Collection is the Table Gun or the very famous Russian AK47 '' Kalashnikov ' rifle, the half sister of 92 cm high, a table lamp designed to illuminate your dining room or living room with a direct/ambient light more or less intense, depending on the need.

Bedside Gunhttps://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-gun-bedside-table-lamp-shiny-gold-18k/

Last but not least, the Lounge Gun the timeless American '' M16 '' assault rifle, floor lamp, solid, statuary, illuminates the spaces of the house and stands out with its 170 cm height, precious materials and elegant finishes that characterize the whole collection.

 Lounge Gunhttps://www.diffusioneshop.com/en/flos-guns-lounge-gun-floor-lamp/

Let yourself be seduced by its charisma, be inspired by its unique shape and elegance of finishes, let yourself be illuminated by the magnetic intensity of the collection FLOS Guns. What are you waiting for?

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